McGregor-Mayweather predictions!

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Valdosta, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. mex fighter

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    oh well, since skip bayless said it, I reassess everything I said.

    HOW-EVUH......I need to know what steven a. smith, too.
  2. Rabid Kimba

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    Are you friggin actually quoting that cocksucking contrarian know jack shit about anything Skip Bayless?????

    Are you pulling our legs???


    Stop already with your arguments...McGregor is a boxing bum, a below journeyman. Both Triple G and Canelo murder that Leprauchan inside two rounds tops.

    Stop the insanity already, lol...
  3. Playboy

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    Alright, I think I understand what's going on here.
    You guys are MMA haters so if someone from that sport competes against boxing's so called best you're to ashamed to admit that he did way better than he was supposed to because that gives the beloved sport of boxing a black eye and you insist it was a sparring session and it's insanity. Got it!
    Why did McGregor land more punches than Canelo, Pacquiao & Cotto though?
  4. Hawaiianpunch

    Hawaiianpunch Banned

    Because mw carried him?
    Because mw fought like a Mexican and knew he was in against an amateur?
    Because you fight an amateur differently than you'd fight a pro killer like pac and Canelo. MacGregor was throwing hammer fist and was grappling it was can't say he was better than Canelo with a straight face. Canelo didn't get ktfo. This isn't little league where you get a participation medal and a atta boy for doing your best....Canelo didn't get ktfo by a 40 year old and out of prime mw. Are we supposed to be impressed?
  5. Playboy

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    He didn't carry him.
    Mayweather always gets the benefit of the doubt.
    If something doesn't go his way he always allowed it to happen. You guys talk about Mayweather like the internet talks about Chuck Norris.
    He only pressed when fatigue set in otherwise he could do nothing. He's a fresh 40. Anybody who takes the path of least resistance will last longer in the game. Cotto could've fought to 40 if I said avoid Margarito here, don't fight Pac for another 7 years. Clottey is a difficult match up to look against stylistically, so on and so forth so I'm not impressed with May being forty.
    Connor was throwing hammer punches but Floyd was throwing elbows so the ref let them fight also May needs to pick his head up as the ref had instructed.
    Frankly I feel like the conversation is going in circles so there's no need to repeat these points over.
  6. Rabid Kimba

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  7. Rabid Kimba

    Rabid Kimba Member

    Yes, please, there's no need...retire this thread already.
  8. Hawaiianpunch

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    I hope this puts an end to the boxing vs MMA rivalry. If you put a ufc fighter in the ring he loses under the Queensbury boxing rules and vice versa if you throw a pro boxer in the octogon he gets owned. It's apple and oranges. I'm a fan of both sports because I love watching a good of the things I miss about prison is the fighting....I enjoyed watching good fights in there. On the street, in the ring I'm game. Lol
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    Double wow, lol...

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