McGregor-Mayweather predictions!

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Valdosta, Jun 15, 2017.

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    Well of course we would but you think that's the same thing ? and you claim I have no perspective ? lmao

    It's an absolute nonsense point to make.
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    I don't really care if you think I'm ghetto or not. I'll tell what I'm not...I'm no bitch. If somebody makes comments about my family then I'm going to talk about their family. Other people have made fucked up comments about your kids disability but I have never made any comments about your kid have I? I don't talk about people's family unless they start first than it's all fair game.
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    Bitch please, everyone knows you'd blow him for a VIP ticket to Comicon. $100m....who you think you're kidding. lol
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    Shut the fuck up you toxic cunt. Every thread you're in turns to shit cos you're incessantly trying to start drama. You're such a coward tampon boy.
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    at least you got the tampon boy part right, elvis.
  7. mex fighter

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    easy solution....stay the fuck out of my trump thread. yeah, we'll see how long that lasts.

    crawling away with your tail between your cunt.
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    I don't see what I have to do with this...I'm saying you both are acting like viejas but you brought it up first.
  9. mex fighter

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    eso, eso, eso!!!!

    he started it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Nah ah he started it!!!
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    Note to self: Offer Kimba a V.I.P. ticket to Comicon.
    (This was an attempt at humor).
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    I thought somebody said Floyd was never hurt because I had posted a comment saying Floyd got hurt in the round before last via body shot and the ref intervened because Floyd looked to him and pled low blow so then Byrd power walked McGregor all the way to the corner and warned him all about it but if you don't believe me let's go with a known boxing analyst: George Foreman (I can almost feel somebody ready to say Foreman don't know nothing).

    The referee protected Mayweather.
    Connor had Floyd hurt with a vicious body shot and the ref stepped in for no reason. Typical of a boxing match.
    Those are his exact words.
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  13. Rabid Kimba

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    First of all, George Foreman is an idiot, as he was one of the dumbest color commentators ever.

    Second, do your research before you buy into that crap.

    Third, here...there you go, it was a low blow (vicious body shot my ass)...and Mayweather complained, but nowhere near as hurt as the McGregor nuthuggers claim...


    Fourth...McGregor can't punch worth a fuck...a little girl can bend you over with a shot to the nuts.

    Fifth, McGregor was rabbit punching...about time the ref intervened.

    Sixth, Mayweather beats McGregor 10 outta 10 in a boxing ring.

    Seventh, stop it already...

  14. Rabid Kimba

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    Vicious bodyshot, lol...
  15. mex fighter

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    that barely qualified as a sparring session.
  16. Rabid Kimba

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    Yup, lol.

    The MMA fans are delusional and inventing all kinds of conspiracy theories, lol.

    This was Mayweather's easiest fight ever, and at 40 at that...
  17. Hawaiianpunch

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    Other George Foreman quotes... include...."look at those shoulders with shoulders like that this guy punches like a heavy weight"

    About young de la hoya.
  18. Rabid Kimba

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  19. TIP

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    it was an easy fight for Floyd, he even walked Conor down something he never did. GGG Canelo Thurman and numerous others could have ko'd him in a round or two. TIP
  20. Playboy

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    If it was low the ref would've ruled it so.
    He said nothing until Mayweather complained.
    I'm not a McGregor fan but I did want him to win. I wanted Nate Diaz to win, he's my favorite MMA'er.
    Mayweather's 40? When you spend your whole career fighting opponents outside of their known weight and outside of their prime you can fight up to that age. It helps a great deal.
    Sparring session?
    Walking McGregor down?
    The only thing that slowed Connor down was killing himself to make weight.
    By the way, Skip Bayless says the same thing.

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