Mayweather will beat Tszyu or Oscar

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by neil, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. phonetap

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    YES...the irrepressible one classified roy jones as p4p number 1 for months. roy is clearly the best fighter in the world and in an all things equal fight he'd beat anyone in boxing today. you guys like to waste time with the who beat whom just to you can elevate your particilar favorite (and put jones down) but p4p was designed for people to judge who is truly the best...and roy jones is clearly the best.

    it's really not even a debate...those who understand the sweet science, clear their minds and eliminate hate/love from the equation will know roy is the best. period, end of story...
  2. phonetap

    phonetap Member

    remus was just frustrated you 2 didn't answer the question.

    listen phonetap isn't here to argue remus point...he just wanted you to have a clearer understanding of where remus was coming from. it's really one big misunderstanding because both sides aren't understanding each other... [​IMG]
  3. Valentino

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    I wouldn't say "clearly".

    In my opinion, Mayweather Jr and Morales are the best. And their is NO argument about the skill, talent, DESIRE, and accomplishment level, they are comparable at this stage of their careers with many of the fighters from the late 70s and 80s.
  4. Valentino

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    I noticed that you guys CONVENIENTLY ignored my two posts in which I clarified my point.
  5. phonetap

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    jones is clearly better p4p than morales...give phonetap a break. that fight would be a mismatch (p4p wise) and mayweather doesn't have the same pop jones has he'd lose too...
  6. Valentino

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    No it would not be a mismatch.

    I still remember Griffin and Harding. Those guys are NOT was beating Jones and the other could have had.

    Morales is the most skillful fighter in boxing. PBF is the most talented. Both have the DESIRED and have some level of accomplishments.

    The four points I USED to touch when I rated fighters.

    RJJ dominated Ruiz. So did Tua. And we so Tua last night.
  7. Valentino

    Valentino Member

    Another thing...almost 30 years of following boxing. Morales is in the level (skillwise) of Duran and Arguello.

    RJJ is not even close.

    Talent wise, RJJ has a LOT. But we are not ranking TALENT, we are RANKING OVERALL.

    My point is...I don't have a problem somebody ranking RJJ top. But the "clearly" thing is RIDICULOUS. And having him ranked SEVERAL MONTHS ago (shit, you didn't even have an argument of him fighting that BUM at HWY during that time frame) also RIDICULOUS.

    Shit...YOU are RIDICULOUS.
  8. Valentino

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    Remus has no clue. He relies on changing the topic (which is MAYWEATHER WILL BITCH SLAP the AUSSIE WANNA BE)...and mis-representing other posters opinions.

    But at least Remus has boxing knowledge...what is your excuse (phonetap)?
  9. phonetap

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    phonetap can't believe what he just read... :eek: are purposely trying to be an ass just to start a fight...LOL!
  10. Valentino

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    Well...grab a tape of Griffin-RJJ I, and RJJ-Harding...and I will make yourself a believer.

    I've been following this sport too long as to get impressed with a Lt. Hwy. defeating a BUM-HWY.

    History will prove me right.

    That's all I have to say.

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