Marquez-Morales in April?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Ron Champ Miller, Dec 31, 2010.

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    Pssst...pssst....RJJ's career was at Lt Hwy. Not at Middleweight. Middleweight was a stop-by-and-collect Division.
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    :24: Your credibility went down the drain. Maske, Dariuz, Rocko, etc. fought in that Division too. You know...the ones that Jones asked HBO not to mention. And let's not mention Nunn, and others even as low as 168 lbs (which is a Lt Hwy division, IMO).

    Jones disgraced America...he disgraced BLACKS...and he disgraced himself.
  3. Valentino

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    Johnson and Tarver were "too young and prime" when they fought RJJ. Yeah right. He was the FAVORITE to defeat them. But once he up his level of opposition, he got KTFO. Pretty overrated fighter, IMO.
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    Check Mate!

    Good post!
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    IMO he would have defeated both those guys when he was fresher, why? because Roy was better than both.
    But when he fought them he was not the same Roy Jones,specially when he fought Johnson.
    And Im not even a RJJ fan, but the guy was VERY talented. You dont handle Hopking and Toney the way he did if you are not a talented fighter.

    Toney and Hopkins are WAYYYY better than Tarver and Johnson, do we agree on that?
  6. El tanke

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    Thats why it hurts you that you man JMM, was bitchslapped by PBF. And that he wasnt even competitive.
  7. No Marquez-Morales deal

    By Gabriel F. Cordero
    Word is that WBC/WBO lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez rejected Erik Morales as an opponent Thursday afternoon in a meeting with Golden Boy Promotions. Golden Boy has an April 9 date in Las Vegas locked in for Marquez but now must find another opponent.
    January 21st, 2011

    so whats next for JMM???[SIZE=-2]
  8. Rebel

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    It hurts me that JMM lost to someone much bigger, younger, and faster, one of the greatest talents of all-time, and arguably the current best boxer on the planet? You need to get your head examined.
  9. Rebel

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    If he did indeed reject Morales as an opponent, perhaps a move to 140 is next. If I'm JMM, I'd take the chance. He's already proven he's the best at 135. He might as well end his career attempting to become the first Mexican to win 4 titles in 4 different weight classes. He has nothing to lose at this stage.
  10. Erik

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    Marquez: Golden Boy Offered Me Berto, Khan, Morales
    Posted by: Jhonny Gonzalez on 1/21/2011 .

    WBA/WBO lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez has cleared the air about a possible fight with Erik Morales on April 9 in Las Vegas. This past Thursday, Marquez met with his promoters, Golden Boy Promotions, but the money presented to face Morales was not what he expected. They also offered championships fights against WBC welterweight champion Andre Berto and WBA junior welterweight champ Amir Khan. Golden Boy will present Marquez with a new offer to face Morales on Tuesday.

    "The offer they made to fight with Morales was not what I expected, but I'm not ruling out the fight. They said they were not sure how the fight would sell. I expect a new offer on Tuesday. I was offered a fight with Morales (51-6, 35 KO's), with [Amir] Khan (24-1, 17 KO) at 140 pounds and Berto (27-0, 21 KOs) at welterweight for the title of the World Boxing Council. I will talk with [manager/trainer] Nacho [Beristain] to see what is best," Marquez told Sal Rodriguez.

    If Golden Boy offers Marquez the correct amount of money, he will accept the fight with Morales on Tuesday.

    "I think I deserve a good purse, and we will continue to negotiate, and on Tuesday I hope to report my next fight," Marquez
  11. Administrator Staff Member

    It would be stupid to face Berto at 147. Defeating Khan at 140 would surely earn him a 3rd fight with Pacquiao. Heck, with Pac's current track record, even if Khan defeats him, he'll probably have an even greater shot at getting the 3rd fight.
  12. you and JMM are the only ones who want that 3rd match, LOL..I know pac dont

    i bet we see pac/ol floyd b4 that one
  13. TysonFan

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    are you related to Rebel?.
  14. Valentino

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    As I said...I have no gripe with JMM and Erik fighting.
  15. Rebel

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    Prior to Mosley facing Mayweather, Arum stated Mosley was too old and didn't deserve a fight. Well, after seeing how easily Mayweather defeated him, Mosley is now somehow worthy. Isn't that the truth?
  16. TysonFan

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    Yes that is true.
  17. Rebel

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    I'd prefer he just take a shot at Khan and history now. Might as well go for it at this point because he's not getting any younger. Even if he loses, he can go back down to lightweight and continue to defend the lightweight title until age finally catches up with him, which eventually will happen.
  18. Valdosta

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    It's just posturing, he will fight Morales. JMM doesn't want a true test he wants to cry about Pacquiao.
  19. Rebel

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    He doesn't want a true test? Is that why he's been chasing Pacquiao around forever? Pacquiao is the one who is now content picking on hasbeens.

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