Manny Pacquiao will defeat Floyd Mayweather if they fight!

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by BKING, May 4, 2009.

  1. BKING

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    I'm calling it like I see it again, ladies and gentlemen. This prediction is sure to steer up some criticism and some arguments, but I think can handle it. Pacquiao is really hot right now, he's on top of his game, and Mayweather has been off for a year and half. Surely, Mayweather will have retained much of his form, but Pacquiao has just thoroughly anhilliated two of the guys in a row, who to this day are Mayweather's biggest wins - and Mayweather did not blow either one of them out. Mayweather got a split decision against DLH, in a fight in which DLH definitely won a number of rounds. Mayweather stopped Hatton as well, but in the 10th round of a tough brawl that was more physically draining for Mayweather than it probably had to be.

    Mayweather would have to look extraordinary against Marquez just as Pacquiao looked sensational against two of Mayweather's previous victims, for me to change my mind or reconsider the prediction. Nobody is invincible. They all lose eventually and this might be Mayweather's time to experience that. As of right now, I think Pacquiao is more than capable of handing Money May his first loss. His hands are blazing quick, and he moves so well, that it's really difficult to catch him in one spot with one punch. Pacquiao has not lost his touch at the higher weights; in fact I think he's become a better skilled fighter - a more well rounded fighter - than he was at 126 and 130. It will be extremely difficult for Floyd to pot shot his way around this guy. It is absolutely alarming how easily Manny is able to find openings and then immediately expose those openings and execute, even against some of the best defensive minded fighters in the game! Floyd does give his opponents openings too. Floyd appeared to be a little sluggish in the early rounds of the Hatton fight and Hatton was able to catch Floyd with shots that Floyd should never have gotten hit with, and even managed to knock him off balance in the first round. If Pacquiao manages to do the same, Floyd is going to get knocked on his ass. Remember where you heard this first.

    I just hope the fight comes off. Arum is talking about matching Pacquiao with Miguel Cotto next. WTF???? This isn't a case of Pacquiao ducking Mayweather. This is a case of bitter ass Arum ducking Mayweather because of their split years ago. He claims Pacquiao is the bigger draw, but every big draw that Mayweather faced got the biggest pay day of their careers with Mayweather. They won't make nearly as much fighting Cotto. Now I'm rooting for Joshua Clottey to upset Cotto!
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  2. Valentino

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    Cotto will defeat Pac.
  3. Rebel

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    Don't get too overly excited.

    Marquez has fought Pacquiao at two different stages, 4 years apart, and he still couldn't figure out JMM's style. It's just that he looks like King Kong when he fights old washed up fighters or a chinny pressure-fightin', chin-left wide open type fighter.

    Don't get me wrong. The Hatton victory was impressive considering how easily he took care of business. However, Marquez and PBF are two different types of fighters. They have the skills and counter-punching ability that will always trouble an aggressive fighter like Pacquiao.

    IMO, Mayweather will not blow away the guy that Pacquiao couldn't blow away. PBF/JMM will be a close fight won by Mayweather, which will mistakenly lead most to favor Pac over Mayweather when they meet.

    Assuming PBF hasn't lost anything since he retired, he should defeat both JMM and Pac. The Marquez fight should really tell us a lot about PBF. It also presents JMM with a perfect opportunity to shock the world and accomplish the unthinkable. What a great fight!
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  4. Valdosta

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    No he won't. Pacquiao is good enough to beat JMM in tough fights but Floyd is twice the fighter that JMM is.
  5. Rebel

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    He wasn't good enough to do it decisively and that's why we're still arguing about it to this day. Accept reality already.
  6. Valdosta

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    My post is reality, you are the 1 who is dellusional calling close fights robberies etc,etc..... Things are as they are. Pacquiao is capable and has beaten JMM, he won't beat Mayweather. We can argue about it for 100 years but neither of us are going to change our minds. Just accept that my opinion is different than yours and move on.
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  7. Rebel

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    That's what you should do as well. Accept the fact that most non-Filipinos had JMM winning their rematch and move on. :nod:
  8. witton_lane

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    I wouldn't read too much into how quickly Pac finished Hatton in comparison to what Mayweather did, styles make fights. Also as I said in the other thread that I think Mayweather took most of Hattons heart in their fight, Pac just took the rest on Saturday night. Add to that Hattons years of bad living and in hindsight he was a knockout waiting to happen. Of course it was surprising how quickly it happened to most of us but it doesn't make Pac better than Floyd, I'd still pick Mayweather to beat him relatively easily to be honest - unless he shows signs of slipping in his upcoming fight, which I doubt he will.
  9. Valdosta

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    See you just can't do it. Pathetic. :slap: You don't seem to get it. I really don't give a shit what most people thought. I had Pacquiao winning by a point. Most people don't form my opinion I form my own. You can argue with me all you want but you aren't going to change anything. Especially considering your bias towards JMM.
  10. Rebel

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    You're the last person that should be talking about bias. Are you sure you aren't Alabama Man in disguise? :funny:
  11. Valdosta

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    BTW- I don't know if it's still up on your home page or not because I can't see at work. However I will say that your "boxingfanatics PFP Top 10" was a joke. That wasn't a compilation of anything, it was just your list. Nothing more or less. You should call it Your PFP list because that's what it is.
  12. Valdosta

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    I can always talk about bias because I don't really have any. Did my white ass look Fillipino to you? :thumb:
  13. O-Dogg33

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    Pacquiao's got everyone excited because of how dominating he has been but I will agree PBF is a different fighter than Pacquaio has dealt with before. I've never seen Manny deal with an opponent who is as fast as he is and who is slick and mobile. Counterpunchers have proven to give Manny trouble so I don't know how he would handle Floyd's speed and defense. Too early to tell for me.
  14. Erik

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    I agree , while the fights where close there where no robberies. Boxing fans throw the word robbery around way to much.
  15. Erik

    Erik Member

    I had Pacquioa winnign & I'm not Philpino.
  16. EBIHARA63

    EBIHARA63 Member

    PBF may well beat Pac,but as long as he doesn't quit like a girl after dogging it for eight rounds and then tell mayweather ,he is his hero:barf::barf: I will be happy.
  17. doomzday99

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    it's really hard to predict now.. PacMan is very unpredictable... He is like a video game that everytime he wins he levels up... adding more attributes to his profile. ^-^
  18. BKING

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    Styles make fights exactly. That's the reason why Pacquiao will defeat Floyd. Floyd's best defense is on the ropes, where he does his shoulder rolling. In the center of the ring, he's more open. Pacquiao is going to find the openings. Jones/Tarver II all over again. Mayweather knocked out cold.
  19. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    Styles make fights. Joe Frazier beat Muhammad Ali in 71. George Foreman SMOKED Frazier in 2 rounds. Muhammad Ali knocked out George Foreman. You can't necessarily go by who beat who, but Pacquiao has the style and speed to give Mayweather a lot of trouble. Pacquiao does not slow down, like Judah, DLH, and Hatton did. He cranks it up as the fight progresses! Judah gave Mayweather problems with his speed and southpaw style for about 4 rounds. Pacquiao is five times as fast as Judah, a southpaw, and a much better fighter right now than Judah was that night.
  20. handolo

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    when i read this i lol.

    pac > marquez

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