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    Damn, it seems like this division is filled to the brim. I think it might be the most competitive division in boxing. Teofimo has Davis, Haney, and Garcia as options to prove he’s top dog. Not sure if he can get out alive if he fights all of them. And he’s got Kambosos as a mandatory. What’s great is that none of the “names” have excuses for not taking dangerous fights. And then there is Isaac Cruz who is build like a Neanderthal and goes for the KO with every punch. He’s gonna be a nightmare for anyone who may have to face him ... boxing in the last two years has really picked up and I haven’t been this excited in a long time. And the welters and middles look damn good too ...
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    Boxing is in a good place right now.
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    Super flyweight has choco, sor rinvinsai, cuadras, estrada, Ancajas, jc martinez can move up from 112, inoue, and nietes.

    Super duper stacked
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