Larry Holmes: How Great Was He?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Yori Boy, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. Yori Boy

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    I haven't seen too much of a prime Larry Holmes, but I have seen his fights with Cooney and Norton and they were pretty entertaining fights, but I just don't think Holmes stacks up too well against the other elites of the history of the division. Going through an old rag they proposed a Holmes and Frazier dream fight and it was unanimous that Frazier would take it.

    Thoughts? Where is Holmes as an all time great heavyweight?
  2. Valentino

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    Top five (arguably top 3)?if we based on accomplishments (as we should).
  3. taylor

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    Best heavyweight jab ever, could take a punch and solid right hand but avoided guys like Greg Page and Pinklon Thomas.

    And didn't rematch Terrible Tim.
  4. Tam-Tam

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    IMO, Larry is a top 3 heavyweight, based on achievments AND skills - but I do think Liston had the best heavyweight jab ever.
  5. Joonie73

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  6. Michael Matos

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    With the exception of the left hook and a tendency to throw uppercuts from the outside everything that Holmes did was better than average. His jab certainly was, his ability to take a punch was better than average, endurance, durability, resistance to cuts, punching power and footwork all the prerequisites of a complete fighter were seen in Holmes. He was fundamentally adept at all aspects of the game, and in the times he did find himself in trouble, he got out of trouble not by way of the heroic but by getting back to basics. The sign of not only a great practicioner of the sport but also much more importantly a great listener. Larry Holmes and Joe Louis are the two best taught heavyweights in the history of the championship and along with Emile Griffith no fighters consistently followed intructions better.

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  7. Joonie73

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    A very good synopsis.

  8. Hawktime

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    Holmes was the boxer's boxer.He was never really loved by the general public because he lacked the explosive style and punch of a Tyson or the charismatic aura of Ali.His skills were unquestionable and he was a complete fighter.
  9. Yori Boy

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    From what I've seen on Holmes he looked at times a little too dependent on his jab. He sort of reminds me of Ike Quartey in that regards. I wonder if he could get past the huge bombers of the game. I think a prime Tyson likely beats a prime Holmes, and (I'm going to get tar and feathered for this) but I would pick the Rock over Holmes too.

    In regards to the article, it was Dave Anderson (New York Times columnist), Jay Bright (former Tyson trainer) and the legendary Teddy Brenner. All picked Frazier (the first two by kayo) with Brenner saying Frazier would "give him a good going-over and win by unanimous decision."
  10. KoCav

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    Hasim Rahman? A pet rock has a better chance of beating Holmes.

    Jay Bright was the guy who had Tyson throwing lead rights in the first Holyfield fight.
  11. Yori Boy

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    LMAO! Actually, was referring to Marciano. [​IMG]
  12. Xplosive

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    Prime Tyson vs Prime Holmes is a pick em IMO. But Rocky beat Holmes? Hell no!
  13. Ringside

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    Holmes like Lewis is very underrated by some. They are both patient fighters with much of the same technique. I must admit, except when he fought my boy from Long Island, Cooney, I did not pay too much attention to Holmes because of his style in those days. GodFather [​IMG]
  14. Xplosive

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    Only Holmes could recover from big punches, and wasn't clumsy.
  15. El Gavilan

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    Top 5. I watched Larry fight in person many times, and he fits the category of the all-time elite.
  16. ericjw

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  17. Hut*Hut

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    But Lewis had much, much more power
  18. BJ*

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    I wonder if I rank Holmes so highly because he's the guy I grew up with (just as those who came up with Ali have a hard time admitting that Ali is actually NOT a superhero)...but I have a hard time imagining many people beating holmes head to head. In fact, it would be the all-timers that ARE NOT on the top 2 or 3 that would have the best shot - Frazier, Marciano, Tyson I think would give him trouble...I can't see Ali or Louis or Lewis beating him...just my opinion.
  19. Rebel

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    Judging by the way you rate the Rock, you'd think you grew up sucking his sausage and gave birth to his baby. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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