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    can you imaging all the blood, sweat, and tears that died with that fire?

    top 3 kronk fighters:

    1. tommy hearns
    2. Gerald McClellan
    3. Hilmer Kenty (just based on his bad ass name alone)
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    A few months back I was looking through an old Ring Magazine and there was a full page ad for Kronk Gym and at that time I think they only had two champions who were Hearns and Kenty and in the ad they highlighted their up and coming fighters and almost all of them became champions. The McCrory brothers, Jimmy Paul, Duane Thomas and a couple I can't remember but Kronk was a breeding ground for Champions.
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    I understand Detroit isn’t the most affluent of cities, however it still saddens me that they couldn’t have found a way to preserve the building as a living museum. Last I heard it was cats like Philip Anselmo that were pumping money into it’s upkeep. Always sad when history gets Joni Mitchell’ed.
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    only I would understand your referance to Joni Mitchell. Is that your way of gettin my attention ? lol
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    Pave paradise brother :thumby:

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