Khan vs. Peterson Predictions!

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Jack1000, Dec 7, 2011.

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    Good stuff. How did Dusty Harrison look in his 3rd pro fight?
  2. Michael Matos

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    Looked alright, got the first stoppage of his young career. His opponent was 1-3 I think but I'd say he's got another year of these type of opponents, those with more losses than wins before he steps it up. There's no rush just keep building on the good amateur foundation and keep developing the skillset. The wife and I had some friends down from Boston who came in for the Redskins-Pats game the following day so we took them to the fights and they really enjoyed it. The last time one of them had been to a fight was when Marvelous Marvin Hagler fought Anterfuemo in the Boston Garden and that had to be 30 years ago.

    Not sure how far Petersen will go but all D.C. and area needs is a good headlining home town fighter. got a couple on the fringes, Seth Mitchell is a hometown fighter and he looked pretty good against the walking statue. His punches do land with a thump but he's a time away. They fight regular cards in Dover 3-4 times a year and they have a young fighter with some promise in Lamont Singletary who is a cruiserweight and just starting out and heavyweight Amir Mansour headlines the cards at Dover. Mansour is undefeated in 16 fights but he's 39 and been fighting almost 15 years. Mitchell is 20 something-0 and has been at it only three years and is ten years younger. That would be a good local fight

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