Khan vs. Peterson Predictions!

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Jack1000, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Jack1000

    Jack1000 Boxing Fanatic

    Give me Peterson by SD!

    I think that Khan is a very good fighter, but not great. I still think Maidana beat him and Peterson will keep coming all night, Khan is vulnerable and Peterson has the hometown advantage. I am going for the upset here!

  2. Joe King

    Joe King Member

    I'm going for the upset with Petersen UD.
  3. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Khan via clear, hard-fought UD, 8-4, 9-3 type.
  4. El tanke

    El tanke Member

    Im with you, I think Khan isnt a great fighter but he is very good. and IMO hes just better than petterson
  5. TysonFan

    TysonFan Sensei

    Good fight so far. Peterson had a good round 3.
  6. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    damn good fight
  7. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    peterson has a lot of dog in him he wont go away easy
  8. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    khan up 3-1 but both guys will be sore on sunday.
  9. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    if peterson keeps thumping that body Kahn will be there for him in rounds 8 and 9.
  10. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    the 6th was a real nice round for Khan showed a lot of boxing class moving and sticking drop rights and body shots.
  11. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    Khan is slowing..

    lets see now 8th coimg up if the body work was worth it.
  12. TysonFan

    TysonFan Sensei

    After 8 I have Peterson ahead.
  13. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    big round for peterson

    Khan legs real slow now and peterson catching im in all the corners.

    Khan will have to fight now
  14. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    Khan still up by 2 i thinl but it will get ugly now
  15. TysonFan

    TysonFan Sensei

    Great round 9. I have it even.
  16. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    what a great fight

    i give khan that round but not by much

    you guys are missing a real nice fight here

    Khan has some dog in him too
  17. TysonFan

    TysonFan Sensei

    After 10 I have khan up by one.
  18. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    another khan round peterson seems to be running out of gas a little. Peterson will need the last 2 rounds to make it close
  19. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    khna round

    perterson boring in but dosent throw when inside

    Khan stays away and he wins by 4 rounds
  20. TLC

    TLC Member

    Trying to rip Khan off. Bullshit.

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