It's OFFICIAL: Floyd Mayweather Jr is back!

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by BKING, May 2, 2009.

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    Floyd Mayweather makes sure that he has a conceivable advantage to win and mega millions in his pocket before taking fights. The Delahoya fight grossed huge revenue, but it had all the excitement of a fashion show with HBO playing the Pied Piper, (especially Lamply) leading the suckers off the cliff to the tune of $60 rip-off" That was no fucking fight, it was a business lunch in the ring, and Oscar and Floyd knew this when the fight was signed.

    Borrowing from the Roy Jones analogy of "Most Money" "Least Risk" Floyd has made himself believe that he is better than he really is. I disagree somewhat that boxing needs Mayweaather. Other than Castillo I and the Hatton fight, what matches did Floyd have that were really exciting? In general, I hate trash-talk fighters, but when they don't back up their promises in the ring, it turns into the same old song and dance routine. Lesser opponents might be somewhat OK if boxing still thrived on the commercial networks to build Floyd up for a quality huge fight that delivers excitement. But it is doubtful that Floyd will fight Pacquiao. Floyd does not take fights were an opponent could seriously hurt him. This is why the Marquez fight was a smart business move. It's a good quality first fight back when compared to that Delahoya-Mayweather infomercial that we got known as Delahoya-Forbes.

    If Floyd could just fight the best available to him and keep his pre and post-fight yap shut, I think people would respect him a lot more. I do believe that the success of Delahoya-Mayweather was contingent on two main things:

    1.) The 24x7 series. (HBO never met an Olympian long-term fighter committed to them they didn't like) and

    2.) The fact that Oscar was in the other corner. Love, hate, or be indifferent to Oscar, Delahoya put more asses in seats than Mayweather ever will. Floyd's not a big puncher, doesn't back up his trash-talk, and has the same W.12, W.12, regiment most of the time. People want a banger, a bomber, a household name. Mayweather couldn't even sell out in Michigan.

    Floyd Mayweather has great natural athletic ability and boxing skills. He is probably the best boxer ATHLETE out there with speed and skill. But he can't sell without a big name in the corner. Mayweather is too conceited to realize that he can't run the show alone.

    I'll say a bold statement. In my judgment, Floyd Mayweather needs Manny Pacquiao more than Manny Pacquiao needs Floyd Mayweather.


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