Israel Vasquez to lose his eye?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Playboy, Jul 19, 2016.

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    I read the headline and a single line quote where he said he thought the doctors knew what they were doing.
    That is so sad. If the injury is related to his past boxing career I wish he had gotten out sooner.
    I remember a fight he had (I think against Rafael Marquez) where his nose was re injured and visibly swollen and he just kept fighting on. Might've even won the bout but it's very unfortunate this could be a potential result of our brutal sport.

    The story was found at

    Just read the article. What a stand up guy in and out the ring. So young at 38 to be going through health issues like this one.
    He made no excuses in a trying circumstance and carries himself like a man of valor when interviewed.

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    I'm almost certain the injury was because of boxing. He suffered a detached retina in one of the Marquez fights I believe. In the last Marquez fight (IV) his eye looked like a glass eye it was so bad. It looked like how Margarito's looks now. This is the shit that makes me feel guilty for loving boxing/mma.
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    When I went to the Ring Magazine 75th anniversary back in 1997 I was struck by how many of the old fighters had lost sight in one eye or were nearly blind. Beau Jack, Bobcat Montgomery, Basillio, Frazier,Gene Fullmer,Joey Maxim and other fighters like Ronnie Harris and of course Harry Greb and Tiger Flowers who died as a result of surgeries to repair eye damage. A local news reporter here talked on air just the other day about surgery he had to repair a detached retina and his doctor said there is only a certain amount of time to repair a detached retina that guarantees full recovery if left untreated beyond that time it can be surgically repaired but down the road, years later in the majority of cases it will result in blindness. I think a lot of fighters have detached or partially detached retinas, don't get diagnosed or hide the injury and years later it comes back to haunt them.
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    Through 3 fights, Israel Vazquez and Rafael Marquez had the best trilogy in boxing history in my opinion, or at least the best of those that were filmed.

    Other trilogies were more famous and bigger blockbuster fights, but this was still boxing at its best. Great action, drama, skill level, and close competition. The 2nd and 3rd fights won FOTY, worthy winners IMO, over some other great fights. The first fight was very good as well. The end of the third fight reminded me of Chacon-Limon 4. A last round knockdown, and the fight is decided by one point.

    I think it was this fight when Vazquez had the eye problem. Or maybe it was a previous cut that got re-opened in this fight. It was obvious the eye was a serious issue going into the fourth fight. There were reports than Vazquez was sparring with special headgear to protect his eye. I think the 4th fight was a career high payday for both fighters.

    Unsurprisingly Vazquez was cut my early on.
  5. Michael Matos

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    Certainly is one of the best trilogies.

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