Is pac vs may too late?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by zboxz, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Hawaiianpunch

    Hawaiianpunch Banned

    I'm not a fan but since I was in Vegas for the fight and remember the big build up for the fight I think his win over Corrales was pretty spectacular. Corrales was like a junkyard dog and was expected to give Floyd his first loss and Floyd gave him a boxing lesson and stopped him. I was shocked how easy he dismantled a tough guy like corrales.
  2. joey83

    joey83 Banned

    Your coming off as a bitter sore loser, how much did you bet on Manny?
  3. sanchito

    sanchito BF Resident Douchebag

    Every fan of boxing should be considered a sore loser. Floyd pretty much killed the sport. He will not go down as a GOAT because people will forget about him. Simple as that. No one will rewatch his fights and be inspired. Only fanboys will remember him.
  4. joey83

    joey83 Banned

    Killed the sport lol yeah ok drama queen.
  5. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    why is everyone on floyds jock for going 49-0 when jc superstar went 89-0?
  6. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    notice everyone is arguing against joey, Floyd's only fan? joey is right on all counts, of course, right, joey?

    I mean, really, what did us poor fight fans do to God to piss him off? he sent us the klits and Floyd at the same time. the klits killed the heavies and Floyd killed the rest.
  7. Playboy

    Playboy Member

    A lot of people complain about Floyd's fights.
    Both casuals and purists alike.
    They don't like to pay to watch someone run.
    I give Mayweather credit. For a 39 year old man he still has the legs of a spring chicken.

    I don't mind Floyd running because as an opponent you have to be prepared to cut him off at the pass but when you have a corrupt ref in Kenny Bayless who gives Mayweather pregnant pauses every time someone catches up to him now Mayweather is receiving unfair advantages.
    Mayweather himself says I just want a fair shake. That goes for everybody.
  8. Ringside

    Ringside Retiree

    Hell Marciano was 49-0. He fought and slugged it out with those of his era. His 49-0 will always be remembered more than Fl;oyd who? 100 years from now.
    As I said I like Floyd and said he would win but to think he is in the remember column is delusional. JC is immortal, will always be remembered. Ringo
  9. sanchito

    sanchito BF Resident Douchebag's not being dramatic it's the truth...absolutely NO ONE talks about the heavyweight division...the heavyweight division as well as big name fighters in the lower division create ancillary interest in other weight classes with lesser known champions....this is not happening right now...if Floyd put on a show or the fight was good people would be talking about Canelo this weekend or GGG because interest in the sport would be sparked...everyone today is saying how terrible the fight was and more than one person said "worst boxing match ever" or "this is why I never watch boxing"...that isn't dramatic, it's reality.
  10. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    If there's a silver lining, hopefully Floyd succeeded in ending boxing PPV's once and for all.

    who the hell would y'all pay to see on PPV nowadays anyway?
  11. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

  12. Ringside

    Ringside Retiree

    Good one.
  13. TIP

    TIP Member

    Apparently there was an MRI done on Pac showing a tear in his right shoulder a few weeks prior to the match. If that's true they should have postponed the fight to a later date. To much money etc.. involved not to be 100%. Evidently they asked to get an anti-inflammatory shot right before the fight but the NSAC denied the request. The fight was over hyped with a crappy undercard and a big ripoff. TIP
  14. joey83

    joey83 Banned

    I am right, if you thought Floyd was going to fight any other way he did and that's why you paid for the fight then your just stupid, if you think he is the reason why the heavyweight division has gone downhill then you have mental issues, if you think no one cares about Canelos upcoming fight and ppvs for the future then your just delusional because I bet that fight will do around the million buys and ppvs are fine and lastly if you think Floyd won't be remembered your just a wishful thinking hater.
  15. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    Not everyone disagrees with Joey. I agree with some points and disagree with others. Will Floyd be remembered? The answer is UNQUESTIONABLY, yes. He has a few of the highest selling PPVs even if people wanted him to lose. He will also be remembered as 1 of the greatest defensive fighters and the best of this era. The whole best ever is laughable though, he's not that.
  16. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    Btw- people are stupid. We all knew Floyd would fight safety first, why act outraged? It's how he fights and he's good enough to fight that way and still win rounds clearly. If people want to watch great offensive fighters they need to look at boxing a bit closer. There's a few guys who are really good and entertaining.
  17. Lemus

    Lemus Member

    Floyd did what he always does, no one should be surprised. You don't pay for a Floyd PPV to see him do his thing, you pay to see if his opponent can figure him out and force him into an actual fight. Manny was the one who gave very little effort. Seemed to me he was content to just collect a paycheck and let Floyd coast to the easy 12 round win. If he really was injured, then the fight should have been postponed.

    But, therein lies the problem with Floyd too. He had every advantage. Was clearly the bigger, stronger, faster fighter. Manny was fighting with one arm, supposedly has a torn rotator cuff. And still, with all those things going his way, Floyd finds a way to fight an extremely dull 12 rounds in what will likely be his career defining fight, only because of all the build-up and hype by the mainstream media.

    Floyd will be remembered, the problem for him, is that he won't be remembered fondly. Very few people will utter the phrase "I miss watching Floyd fight".
  18. Remus

    Remus Member

    I'd suggest everyone is in violent agreement to be honest. Of course Floyd will be remembered, but it will be for reasons he won't find too flattering. I remember dlh catching grief for years about running for like 30 seconds in a fight I think against Tito. Floyd ran for most of the fight against a smaller, older and crippled fighter but Floyd fans are somehow indignant that we call that shit out ? Come on. Get real.
  19. zboxz

    zboxz Member

    i didnt bet.

    the only bet i would have made would have been on floyd but the off chance that pacman was not to old to get on him stopped me from betting.

    but manny was way too old to sustain any type of high powered offense so that off chance was flickered out at the end of round 4.

    would and should have been easy money betting on floyd.
  20. Playboy

    Playboy Member

    I'm going to miss Floyd.
    Not his mouth but there are certain things he does exceptionally well.
    Im a fan of Floyd.

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