Hurd vs. Lara

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Ringside, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. Ringside

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    tonight on Showtime. Looks like 3 hours of fights. Just a heads up
  2. Hawaiianpunch

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    Lara says he thought he won. Shocking lol.
  3. Ringside

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    The DeGale vs. Truax fight was messy but interesting. I found it interesting that both heads clashed a lot due to proximity, but DeGale did a lot of Holyfields so to speak putting his head down low and then lifting it straight up to punch clashing the twoheads. He got the worst of it and surprisingly Truax never bled! The point off for the shoulder push was stupid considering the nature of the fight but De Gale won anyway. It should have been close scoring either way but as usual one judge had it 117-110- It was a UD though with 114-113 times 2. DeGale gets the belt back anyway.
  4. Ringside

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    I rewatched the Lara fight. He boxed real well but his power was way below Hurd. Hurd's body blows looked like they had a thump to it. Lara had great combos but had no affect on Hurd who looked rock solid here, but to his credit until the last round Lara took Hurds uppercuts and punches real well and fought toe to toe like a man. No shame there.
  5. mex fighter

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    not exactly toe to toe.

    he did that when cornered and had no choice. if he had his druthers, he'd run like usual.
  6. TIP

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    Lara's very tough good whiskers. I think Hurd outlanded Lara by a significant amount although Lara's are more flashy so maybe that's why scoring was close, and they don't seem to value body shots. The knockdown in the 12th is what won it for Hurd by the judges, I had Hurd up a couple rounds myself. It looked like a lightheavy vs a welter in there. TIP

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