How would you rate Lomas performance last night?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Hawaiianpunch, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. Hawaiianpunch

    Hawaiianpunch Banned

    I would give him an 8. It could be due to how he clearly dominated his previous opponents and I didnt expect his taller lankier opponent to give him so many problems. He didnt look like neo from the Matrix. He looked pretty ordinary but still won at the end. I think mikey garcia would beat him from what I saw. Mikey fucked up.
  2. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    It was good enough. You can’t look great every fight, especially coming off an injury. Garcia hasn’t look great in his last couple of fights either.
  3. Rabid Kimba

    Rabid Kimba Member

    I gave him a 6. His opposition had zero punching power. Just tall and lanky.

    I have always said he’s a tad overrated. Him being listed as the best p4p is nuts.
  4. Remus

    Remus Member

    A year ago he was a SFW. He’s just unified. He did just fine.
    It wasn’t electrifying, apart from R11. So yeah, a 7 or 8 is fair.

    He seemed cautious against a guy who can’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag. That’s what surprised me. Perhaps his shoulder was fucking with his head. It may even be a problem for him in future. He’s s guy who uses that shoulder a fair bit to generate torque.

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