How many times did Roy fight Liles as an amateur?

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  1. I just watched two different versions of Roy vs. Liles where Roy wins both by the same score of 3-2. I heard Liles KOed Roy once in AM. Has anyone seen this fight?
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    I've only seen two Jones-Liles AM fights as well.

    Jones didn't seem to have any real trouble with Liles, so I always found the story of him being knocked out hard to fathom, outside of a one punch bomb. He handled Frankie's left hand with relative ease.
  3. What other future pro fighters beat Roy? Michael Nunn?
  4. Tam-Tam

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    Im not actually sure. But you've got me interested now..
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    McClellan beat Roy in the '88 GG.
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    According to John (the iceman) Scully, Liles defeated Jones at least once in the amateurs and scored a standing 8 count on him. Scully boxed in the amateurs with Roy and Liles. TIP
  7. how many times did they fight? I know Roy beat him at least once.
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    Interesting subject. I wonder if there is a place where one can view the complete amateur records of pro fighters. Anyone know?
  9. I tried looking for one but failed to find one.

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