How good was Aaron Pryor?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Joonie73, Dec 28, 2003.

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    How about;
    what 'A' list fighters other than old Alexis and the corpse of kid Pambele?
    Chavez fought every 140 lb'er around at the time.
    It could be argued that the only reason Taylor isn't a HOF'er is precisely BECAUSE of Chavez.
    How was Pryors reign at 140 more impressive?
    That is certainly not how I remember it.
  3. neil

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    If Pryor is top 6 lightweight of all time, where does Mosley rank?
  4. Rebel

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    I noticed that too. Shit, if he's using that logic, Jose Napoles is my #1 all-time junior-welterweight. He was a contender there for a long time.

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  5. Tam-Tam

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    Don't pick semantics Rebel, just read my post.

    Anyone who is a fan of CHavez would realise that 140 was his worst weight. I can't believe you guys can be that foolish.
  6. dmille

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    Put the same question about BOTH fighters in the same post

    What prime all-time great did Pryor ever beat?

    What prime all-time great did Chavez ever beat?
  7. Michael Matos

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    Let me ask you this. How many of Chavez's opponents are even eligble for the Hall Of Fame? You might want to wait another 5-10 years before making that statement.
  8. Tam-Tam

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    Regardless of eligibility, im talking quality of opposition friend.

    The best 140 pounders Chavez faced were Taylor, Mayweather, Haugen, Camacho and Randall. Out of those fighters, only two were in their primes - Taylor and Randall. Taylor was not an all-time great, nor even close to being one and Randall beat Julio twice IMO.

    Arguello, prime or not (and I made the point of saying that Pryor didn't face a prime HOF'er, but obviously people can't read) was still an all-time great fighter and I'd pick that version of him over Taylor in a heart beat. And Cervantes while not as good as Arguello, was still a great fighter himself and I'd pick him to beat Randall and give Chavez all sorts of problems. (but I think Taylor beats that version of him)

    But Im not about to argue with people who believe that Chavez @ 140 was great, so believe what you want.
  9. Rebel

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    I wouldn't say it was his worst weight. I'd say it was the weight class in which he fell out of his prime thus giving one the impression that it was his worst weight class. If RJJ stayed at LHW and lost his next two fights, would you then say it was his worst weight class?

    IMO Chavez' best weight class was lightweight followed by junior lightweight then super featherweight. He was very good at super feather but he was still learning the ropes as evidenced by the Laporte and Lockridge bouts, two bouts I had him handily winning but bouts where he had to work hard to earn victory.
  10. Rebel

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    IMO Chavez was only prime against Taylor and not the others. Chavez began to decline around the Camacho bout. Even in that bout, as great as he looked, he was missing a lot of the qualities that he had as a young pup.

    In retrospect people will try to belittle Taylor's quality but the fact is that around that time, he was the best of the Duva clan, which included Pernell Whittaker. Ask Duva. He might've not ended up as a great fighter, but in his prime, he was a fine fighter that would've would've given many GREAT 135-140 pound fighters hell.

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  11. neil

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    Roger Mayweather was champion at 140lbs when Chavez defeated him in the rematch. I think Mayweather wouldve beat Cervantes or Arguello that Pryor faced, had they fought at 140lbs. I also think Randall and Taylor would beat either Arguello or Cervantes. Would not surprise me if old ass Cervantes struggled with Camacho.
  12. Tam-Tam

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    You're all kidding, right?
  13. Rebel

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    I take it you aren't use to differing opinions on the subject matter? That's what happens when you visit more than a few boxing forums bro. There is another world out there outside of Delphi and Boxingtalk. ;)
  14. Tam-Tam

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    Im not used to opinions that are so...erm..wrong [​IMG]

    and besides, I have around 400 posts @ boxingtalk and less then 100 @ Delphi. Neither are my home boards. Just for general knowlege, I post on 8 different boards. If you don't think Im used to differing opinions I guess,'d be wrong again [​IMG]
  15. Rebel

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    Who says these opinions are wrong? They're all subjective like most mythical matchups. [​IMG]
  16. Tam-Tam

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    Who says so? I say so. With me being the over-lord of internet boxing, I believe that is all that should be said on the matter.


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