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Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by mex fighter, May 2, 2018.

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    I know wright fizzled out the last fights he had after beating Quartey and fought a lot in Europe but off hand he beat Trinidad Mosely{ once} Ike and fought a number of other top fighters. He could marginally be included in the HOF. I would not object.
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    I remember Quarry back then was a household name and very popular . Nationwide he was way better known in his day than Gatti .
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    Gatti - no, he was great to watch and experience...but didn't have great wins...and he lost to some less than stellar opposition

    Winky - tough, but no...he's one of those guys you have to try hard to make a case for and one could easily make a case against...His "break out" was beating Mosley twice and Trinidad. Tito was two years away before he beat up the punching bag Mayorga as expected. However, one could argue that this was a "rested" Tito who looked great vs Mayorga and had momentum. Also Winky wasn't a career Middleweight so one could argue that Tito wasn't up against some big Middleweight. Winky was naturally bigger, but his style was more of the problem. Winky beat Mosley at a time where Mosley wasn't in the best place of his career. Mosley had already lost to Forrest and picked up a controversial win vs Oscar where he looked bulky and slow at 154. Add to the fact that Wright's style was all wrong.

    I give Winky credit for beating Mosley twice and beating Tito because I think it was more a product of his skill and style rather than size or both men being "past it". I wouldn't say Mosley was past it when they fought. Mosley just so happened to have had the mystique lost when he lost to Forrest twice and looked lackluster vs DLH in their rematch. He wasn't old though. Trinidad was 32, not an old man. He wasn't 25, but he wasn't 38 either. Winky's style was simply all wrong for two guys who were naturally smaller and relied on their aggression which made them easier to counter or stave off with a good jab from a slightly bigger and skilled man.

    I would say Winky was a "i think so, yes" had he beaten Taylor for the MW title and maybe one other Jr Middleweight or Middleweight name. He still lost to Vargas, Hopkins, Paul Williams, Quillin and a draw with Taylor (a fight I thought Taylor edged out).
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    there should be a "no doubt" thought process with ALL hall of famers.

    at least that's how I see it.

    if there's doubt, then no.
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    Both Valdez and Dejesus should be in imo

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    Gatti drew a lot of money, I'd likely include him before the others, they aren't too reputable in my opinion.
  9. mex fighter

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    i wouldn't use that as criteria to be a hall of famer.

    butterbean drew in big crowds and money, too.
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    It's called the hall of FAME for a reason. It's a popularity contest. You don't have to be the best.
  11. mex fighter

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    its not called hall of fame because of popularity. what a stupid thing to say.

    don sutton wasn't very popular in baseball but he got in. how did that happen?
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    The original boxing Hall Of Fame which was in existence from 1954 to 1986 was very difficult to get into. To quote Mex it was a "no doubt" Hall of Fame. It was in existence for 32 years and 54 fighters were inducted. In three of those years, 1979, 1982 and 1984 no one was inducted because no one got enough votes. To get in you had to meet certain standards and criteria or you accomplished something that was unique or had an impact that went far beyond the sport itself. 52 fighters were inducted using the first two standards and two fighters were inducted for having impact beyond the sport itself. Those two fighters were Sixto Escobar and Dick Tiger.

    I would be hard pressed to find a case for Palomino, Gatti and Wright to even get a sniff of that Hall of Fame. Lopez and Buchannan were eligible for that Hall of Fame but never garnered enough votes. Cuevas being the youngest welterweight champion in history with numerous title defenses and turning pro at age 14 may very well have gotten in at some point.
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    Ha so what you're saying is that it was a popularity contest. Yup that's what it sounds like to me. You read that Mex.
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    What brings you to that conclusion?
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    I would prefer a boxing hall of fame with the criteria of the original one that you describe here.

    As much as I like Gatti and loved his fights, I just don't see him as a hall of famer. His skills and accomplishments just aren't there.

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