(HBO) W. Klitschko vs. Haye (July 2nd) - Predictions & Discussion

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  1. Redneck

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    Wlad loves the Internet;-) Nice answer without words....

  2. Michael Matos

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    The pundits who point out the fighters who fought with injury, truth is most of them lost. Julio Cesar Chavez being the notable exception who fought at the highest level for years with a chronically bad back, take a look at him sitting in his corner between rounds.
  3. Mark G

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  4. Valdosta

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    That's because when people win they don't need excuses typically.
  5. Carlos

    Carlos ---

    Exactly, can you imagine if Haye had won - sitting at the pressconference "I told you all that i'd win and i did it with a injured toe!":loling:
  6. Redneck

    Redneck Living Legend

  7. Castle

    Castle Member

    I had hoped and prayed that the fight would live up to the hype. It didnt.

    Boxing really needed this one to be "super"

    It was ordinary to down right boring.
  8. thought wlad at -190 was a steal..knew haye was going to lose, only a matter of how....haye at least made it 12 in a dreadful performance, but after yrs of running off at the mouth, and his excuse to top it off, he probably would have done it differently

    ho hum....at least i got to watch it for free at the hilton, LOL

    one reason i didnt bet the under was it was being steamed..

    and people said LL was boring....at least he did knock some people out

    after the end of the lewis era, the heavyweight division pretty much went down the toilet

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