(HBO PPV) - Mayweather vs. Ortiz, Alvarez vs. Gomez, Morales vs. Cano (September 17)

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  1. Michael Matos

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    Lets highlight the stupidity of that.

    It's a good thing Mayweather hit him in the face isn't it? Because if Mayweather would have drilled him borderline low or a little north of blatant and Ortiz crumpled to the floor then whats Cortez' line of defense. He's lucky Mayweather hit Ortiz legally because thats the only thing thats saving his incompetent ass. Just because it worked out right doesn't mean it wasn't wrong. Thats what I mean by paying attention, big picture son, big picture.
  2. Michael Matos

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    "Boards Don't Hit Back"-Bruce Lee 1970
  3. Exactly. It was shit refereeing and there's no other way to dress it up. Saying he "deserved" it is asinine too. We as boxing fans did NOT deserve it. Deduct the point, restart the fight and move on, not this shit.
  4. Joe King

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    I'm not saying his performance was stellar. I didn't want him in the fight in the first place. You have a fair point. What is the rule though, could he have looked at a replay and does the floor ref have any say?

    Unfortunately, the outcome was legal punches. I can only imagine the ire if it was a DQ win for Ortiz.
  5. zboxz

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    perfect quote!!!!
  6. Michael Matos

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    I'm assuming when you say floor ref you mean the official named as "Counting the knockdowns". That official only has one job and that is to begin a count whenever a fighter is on the canvas. If it's a slip he ceases counting when the refree waves his hands across each other. Same with a knockdown via foul he counts ntil the referee tells him to cease That is his only job. The timekeeper is the official who rings the bell and follows the referee's instructions on the outs and time ins.As far aas I know in Nevada the referee's decison is final and cannot be changed unless by advice of the commission at the time of the ruling or ordered by the commission at a meeting after the event. I would assume in a fight of Saturdays magnitude asolution would have been found to let the fight continue. However in this case there was not much to be done because in Nevada you can't fight for 90 days after you get knocked out let alone five minutes so any talk about giving Ortiz five minutes to recover is silly.
  7. Atlas made a great pt on the rome show,, that ortiz like tyson knew they were going to lose, and looked for a way out,,instead of quitting, they did what they did

    Just the difference in class, must have discouraged ortiz,,sure, he thought he was faster, stronger,,but once in the ring he was just another victim on his way to a loss

    Now 4 days later, we are still talkin bout it, esp out here in vegas,,boxing is in the news again, and ortiz is hot,,people want to see him again, to see if he snaps

    If it would have been another boring mayweather decision win? *yawn*

    Blackeye for boxing works,,,
  8. El Profesor

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    Wow! :eeeeeky:

  9. mex fighter

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    boards don't hit back was actually 1973.....just sayin'
  10. The Hitman

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    I think this was echoed by Emmanuel Steward's immediate reaction to the incident as it happened. As time went by he composed himself and amended his statements, but he also knew it was wrong right away.

    I have to concur - it was a legal sucker punch. pretty unnecessary and i would say classless as well. Any win you have to try and justify isn't a win worthy of the "best fighter in the world."
  11. Michael Matos

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    Indeed it was.
    It was on the other day. Always a good watch.
  12. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    quoted by the father of mma^^^
  13. Black Gatti

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    The ref is supposed to watch the fighters, not the other way around. And if Ortiz didn't realize the fight had restarted, guess who's problem that is.
  14. Black Gatti

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    Exactly! .... That fight looked to be headed the same way the Hatton, Mosley, Zab fights all went. Looks like Ortiz' frustration was starting to surface and he'd be dissected from that point on.
  15. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    We'll never know because PBF landed those legal cheapshots. This whole fight made me sick. Ortiz was the most disappointing of all. All talk, no action.
  16. Mark G

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    The way he was kissing Mayweather's ass afterwards was shocking to say the least.
  17. Jack1000

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    I heard from TMZ, which I know is not the most accurate source in the world some post-fight stuff. Some reporter interviewed Ortiz and Victor said something like, "I thought the ref said break or something like that."
    Victor said he had his hands down because he thought action had not resumed because of Joe talking to the timekeeper. Cortez created this whole mess.

    I mean, consider this, maybe there have been other fights, but not too many where the ref goes over to talk to the timekeeper as the fight is going on! You have to go back to Ali-Liston II for that, and Walcott's confusion, and every boxing historian knows what a mess Walcott made of that fight!

    Cortez did his best Walcott impersonation when Jersey Joe went over to the time keeper in that fight when Liston was done for something like 22 seconds.

    The circumstances are not exactly the same obviously. But the point of contention remains. You don't take your eyes of the fighters, especially after you half-assed resume the fight, to talk to the timekeeper!

    Cortez could have had his chit-chat with the timekeeper AFTER the point deduction, keep time called, than call the fighters to the center of the ring, say, "Keep it clean." Than say "box!" or "Time in!"


    PS. It seems that no one from the Nevada Commission or the WBC has considered Cortez's lackadaisical officiating after the point was taken away. An issue so obvious to everyone who saw the fight.
  18. Black Gatti

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    Yep, right after Ortiz landed his 'Illegal' cheap shot.
  19. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    He's not the first and won't be the last fighter to fight dirty. Tito had his signature nut shots. Mayweather has previously used elbows as weapons. Holyfield and Bradley have a history of headbutting. The list goes on and on.
  20. shabadoo

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    All the controversy aside, this Mayweather performance changed my take on the winner of an improbable bout between him and Pacman. I now think PBF would take it. His speed is unreal and he's so hard to hit. He was picking off Ortiz for fun. Which led to, I think, Ortiz's way out when he realized he couldn't touch him.

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