(HBO PPV) Cotto vs. Margarito II (Dec. 3, 9PM ET/6PM PT)

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    The rematch is signed for December 3rd.

    Who wins the rematch, Cotto or Margarito?
  2. Joe King

    Joe King Member

    Hopefully Cotto wins brutally.
  3. Rabid Kimba

    Rabid Kimba Member

    Draw...both are washed up...lol.
  4. Mark G

    Mark G Member

    I definitely care. They might not be at the top of the division at this point, but they are FAR from irrelavent. The revenge factor really makes this one interesting!

    There should be some good action in this one. Poor Cotto, when he's not fighitng Margarito, he's fighting suspected dopers. He's the only guy fighting fair!
  5. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    Yeah I definitely care about this fight. I've adopted Cotto in recent years as one of my favorite fighters. As much as I would love to go to Vegas to see this I think this fight belongs in New York or Puerto Rico. It's only right for Cotto to have the crowd behind him. It would suck if they went to Vegas and that fucking cheater had all the fan support.

    I might need to save up and pop my NYC cherry for this one if it does go to Madison Square Garden.
  6. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Off topic, I bet you and your bro are pumped over Ortiz' upset victory last Saturday, eh?
  7. davemurphy

    davemurphy Member

    I think everyone will be rooting for a Cotto victory and I suppose it does carry a bit of interest because of the first fight controversy, but so much has happened since then and I'm also less than thrilled that Margarito is getting another major payday when IMO he shouldn't even be allowed a License. Margarito's facial damage by way of Pacquiao was pretty severe, let's see if he's able to avoid getting busted up, but for me I'd have preferred to see Miguel in with one of the other elite fighters. Arum is taking the "in house" nonsense too far, there better be one hell of an undercard for this.....
  8. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    Bro can you believe we missed it because we took our families to Disneyland?! haha His first victory in half a decade and we miss it! But we were still pumped I thought people were fucking with me when they texted me the news!
  9. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    You'll have to YouTube it if it's up. Tito busted out with his trademark "Grave Digger" after he won. haha
  10. TysonFan

    TysonFan Sensei

    That's what i'm thinking as well. The recent beating Margacheato took from Pacquiao should leave them both on a even keel.
  11. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    I can't recall the last time I rooted for a Puerto Rican over a Mexican fighter. This will be one of those rare times. haha That said, my mind says Margacheato will come through late again. I really hope I'm wrong.
  12. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    second time i root for a fucking rican over a meskin.

    coincidentally, the first time as santos vs margaTITO.

    fuck him!
  13. I also agree that the revenge factor makes the fight interesting. Too bad about Cotto that first time. He's looked like damaged goods for a while now.
  14. Mark G

    Mark G Member

    He still managed to beat Yuri Foreman though! That fight was post Margarito and Pacquiao. Not withstanding Foreman's own version of "my pinkie toe was hurting."
  15. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    I'm definitely rooting for Cotto in this fight. I wanna see him get the revenge. I think it's a winnable fight for him, after the two beatings Margarito has taken. Cotto has at least been a little more active. In the first fight, Cotto used up a lot of energy moving around the ring too much and firing shots to the head. Cotto needs to keep the fight in the center of the ring, but stand his ground a little more and attack Margarito's body EARLY and OFTEN. He's got to stand his ground, box when he needs to, bang when he needs to, and attack that body. If he moves around the ring too much, he's going to give Margarito confidence.
  16. bumping this as initially I was going to bet cotto...but after doing some handicapping and talking to my boxing bros, LOL, I think margarito might be the right side..whether or not his gloves were loaded, i'm not sure cotto can keep him off again...

    the only thing i wonder is if perhaps pac might have ruined him

    at +160, might be worth a shot...cotto seems to have slowed down...i'm not sure about revenge, so long after the fact..also, maybe cotto has flashbacks of the first azz kicking and it mentally messes with him..

    I see a repeat of the first fight....still a few months out

    i'm not really happy about this bout, but there might be opportunity to make a few bucks
  17. El tanke

    El tanke Member

    Im going for Cotto, I cant stand cheaters and Margarito is nothing more than a piece of shit cheater. I leave the cheering for cheaters to guys like Kinich, I would rather root for the rican(Cotto).
    I hope Cotto not only wins, I hope he beats him up, and makes the cheater retire from boxing.
  18. Mark G

    Mark G Member

    Cotto is one of the fighters who has fought clean, I think. He's fought some of the biggest cheaters in boxing.
  19. El tanke

    El tanke Member

    He is a class act, and I got a lot of respect for him.
  20. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    I think if you take a look at how they both did against Pacquiao you have to lean toward Cotto. The Pac-Cotto fight was a very intense fight for the first 4 rounds until Pac found his groove. You can argue that Pac put it on Cotto worse than Margarito too but at least Cotto didn't have a career threatening injury like Margarito sustained. Who knows how that affects Margarito. Margarito got to come in at a more comfortable weight against Pac also, they made Cotto come in at 145.

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