(HBO) Chavez Jr. vs. Rubio, Donaire vs. Vasquez (February 4)

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    The history of day before weigh-ins contrary to popular belief and theory does not date back to either the Ray Mancini-Kim fight or the Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Michael Spinks fight. The first fight to have a day before weigh-in was the middleweight title fight between Frank Tate and Michael Nunn for the IBF middlweight title in July of 1988. Tate had fought two months before in a non title fight and was having trouble getting down to 160 and his manger Bob Spagnola asked then Nevada Stae Commission chairman Chuck Minsker if Tate could weigh-in the day before the fight because he knew Tate would be overweight and it would give him more time to lose the weight and get back on the scales. They ran it by Nunn, who didn't have a problem but made it clear that if Tate didn't make weight there would be no fight. That sent the Commission in a panic and they caved in and allowed the weigh-in to occur the day before. Funny thing though was that Tate made 160 at the day before weigh-in, got stopped in 9 rounds and never fought at 160 again, moved right to light-heavy.That's where it started

    Here's why I sy the whole thing stunk to allow me to clarify that. When Chavez Jr, fought Zbik the prefight weigh-in had Chavez at 180 and Zbik at 165, so thats not the first time Chavez has put on twenty pounds after a weigh-in. Chavez Jr. has been suspended previously for using a diueretic, he was caught in Las Vegas and hasn't fought there since. In his five fights since, three of them have been in Texas which leads us down the drug testing road. Chavez Jr. is fighting a title fight in Texas for a WBC title and this is where it gets stinky, first of all the WBC approves a title fight in a place where drug test aren't mandated, thats bad enough but if you read the WBC rules it specifically says and I quote
    4.31- Responsibilities of Local Commissions. It is the responsibility and obligation of the local commission, not the WBC, to arrange for the antidoping testing, including appointment of a doctor or other qualified official to collect the required samples, maintaining the chain of custody and control over the samples to prevent errors or tampering, selection of a qualified​
    laboratory, and conduct of the testing in compliance with these Rules and Regulations.

    On one hand they lay out all these procedures for drug testing, then lay it on the lap of the local commission to do it and then sanction a fight where the Commission doesn't mandate drug tests and the fighter involved has already been busted. Am I missing something here or is that the nicest wrapped present under the tree?
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    Can you copy and paste that article? I think that is bullshit that in this day and age, a boxing commission does not mandate post-fight drug testing. This is just as bad as Sulaiman saying, 'We Forgot."

    Some reprimand is going to have to take place here that sticks. Texas and the WBC aren't gonna do shit for their "poster love child."

    This is a disgrace to boxing and an insult to its fans.

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    I like the cut of your jib, jack! you sound like a straight shooter. you remind me of emile griffith.
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    Hey i agree with you totally, its very wrong BUT i was just taking offence to you and lefthooker giving chavez shit for it when his 1 of many and his opponent was at 171 too.
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    Chavez has been caught using diuretics to make weight before and I have no doubt that he will do it again. The guy doesn't train for fights, he loses weight for fights. And the fact of the matter is he still can't knock out guys he's two weight classes bigger than. He takes a good punch against them because he's bigger. I'd love to see him eat big shots against Froch, Ward, Bute or Cloud. Guys who are his size the night of the fight.
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    When Chavez was arrested for DWI a couple of weeks ago, they showed his weight to be at 175. Nowadays, its not uncommon at all for a middleweight to walk around at 175. (that would assume they actually weighed him, which isn't certain of course).

    I agree that this nonsense about weighing in the day before the fight has to stop, but until it does, fighters are going to rehydrate themselves and put on a lot of weight between the weigh in and the actual fight. Chavez isn't the first one to do this, but it is frustrating to many to see him dominate a top ten middleweight in such a fashion, and that may have contributed a little to the discussion.

    Don't get me wrong, if Chavez used any PEDs or banned drugs, then it is serious, that is crap that we DON'T want in boxing! However, if Chavez operated within the rules and won almost every round against Rubio, then our bitch is against boxing and its rules and not against Chavez.

    I'd love to see the hate boil and spray all over the place if Chavez somehow managed to beat Martinez, that would be a riot! (I know it won't happen, but if it did, it should would be funny!)
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    I was reading some comments about the Chavez fight on web pages that allow readers to comment after articles. A lot people were bitching about the weight.

    "what takes away from Chavez's win was the fact that he was 21 pounds over the middleweight limit"

    then someone else said.........

    "Back in the day you made the sacrifices necessary to come in at the right weight."

    They seemed to imply that Chavez should have actually weighted at 160, DURING the fight, and ignored the fact that he actually made weight! They are either misinformed, or were purposely trying to take away from Chavez' victory by deceiving readers into thinking that Chavez broke the rules by weighing 181. As the old adage goes, "haterz are gonna hate."

    I love how the discussion morphed from Chavez being a crappy fighter and only being able to beat bums, then Chavez beats a top ten middleweight with ease, and now Chavez is cheating because he gained too much weight after the weigh in! There were also the excuses that the judges were bought so Rubio's only way to win was by KO (even though the post fight cards gave more rounds to Rubio than he deserved), and that Rubio threw the fight.

    Chavez is a HYPE job, no doubt. He also is lucky to have a belt when Martinez is the true champ. But still, he is a decent fighter, during his last few fights, he has looked better than I expected from him.

    I do, however, enjoy seeing the haters hate and get angry as their statements of Chavez being a bum had to morph into "Chavez is a cheater" when he fought better than they expected.
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    This is the only issue as far as I'm concerned, and the weight issue should only be held against Chavez only to the extent that it was impacted by PEDs. Weigh in should be held on the day of the fight for ALL fighters, but that is not Chavez' fault. Other than that, Chavez convincingly beat a top ten middleweight and many people are not happy about it.
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    Diuretics are also often used to mask PEDs.
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    Somehow? He can beat martinez imo i said it before he even fought manfredo jr and i still think he can, martinez is good but nowhere near as good as everyone thinks he is, his hyped just as much as chavez all because of 1 lucky knockout and 1 win over a drunk pavlik.
  11. Mark G

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    Also, Chavez is looking a little better than the days that he would struggle life and death to beat Matt Vanda!
  12. joey83

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    Lol he sure is.

    HOMICIDE 2011 Super Bowl Champs

    Is Chavez coming in at 200 lbs...then maybe...just maybe he has a chance...Mas Puto is going to get dusted by "Da Sex", the little bitch is scared and he will never fight him...you can polish a turd all you want but at the end of the day it will still be a turd and that is what he is! (not a personal attack on you, definitely a personal attack and BULLCHISI Jr.)
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    I'm a little confused at the hate by Matos and crew for Chavez jr. He is neither great nor a trash bum...he's just mediocre. And that's pretty much that.
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    Why the confusion? My first line in this entire thread was that Chavez Jr. was the best 180lb middleweight I've ever seen.
  16. sanchito

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    Just the vitriol aimed at a mediocre title holder...he has little to no sway and there are other bigger names, Mayweather namely, that have done more to stymie boxing's growth in the last decade than some titleholder only hardcore fans know about. If your vitriol is aimed at the sanctioning bodies making this possible then, great...but being angry at a pawn is foolish.
  17. Rebel

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    The magic of PEDs?

    HOMICIDE 2011 Super Bowl Champs

    I could tell you exactly why I hate the little POS, the bastard is walking around with something that was taken from its truthful holder...then when he is told he has to defend against the truthful holder he ends up not fighting him and taking on someone who is either as mediocre or worst than he is while getting away with everything on top of that...he is a bitch...he will always be one and I pray that "Da Sex" desmantles him in brutal fashion!!!
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    That could be. That or Freddy Roach has made him into a new fighter.

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