Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Vasyl Lomachenko

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  1. Hawaiianpunch

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    Lomachenko is no Brock Lesnar he's got got an extensive amateur background. He seems to be getting better with every fight. They say there's no such thing as bad publicity. If Lomachenko gets people to talk about boxing it's a good thing in my humble opinion.
  2. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    but he only weighs 130 so you aren't watching him anyway.
  3. While it's true, I squeeze bigger things outta my keister than Lomachenko...
    um... I forgot the rest of my point...
  4. Hawaiianpunch

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    I usually watch fights in the fw division and above. A 130 pound fighter's average height is 5"6. The average height of a normal human. corrales my favorite fighter fought at 130 he was 6"1, Shane Mosley 5"7 fought at 130, De la Hoya 5"11, Mayweather 5"8 and the list goes on.
  5. Corrales shoulda been a Kronk fighter... Took full advantage of that height/reach.
    In the end, I respect him for wanting to mix it up inside with the tenacity he did, but I think Manny would've elevated his game to a whole new Mount Olympus level of super greatness.
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    I saw Corrales vs. Popo
    You are forgetting his personal life. I saw him fight Freitas and he had some promise returning again and then he not too long after got killed. One of my favorite fighters but had demons that would have held him back.
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  7. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    Emmanuel would have channeled those demons and brought out the best in Chico.
  8. I really think so too.
    Under Steward, I also see him rechanneling those inner demons for the positive with a more refined arsenal...making maximum use of his physical assets (especially in the wars he lost due to not boxing as wisely & refined as he would've under Emanuel) .
    Shit, I think he would've burned his way through divisionial titles like a towering inferno all the way up to Super Middle and with that, right about now, we'd be talking about him as the greatest pound for pound fighter of maybe the last 60 years (certainly the century) in lieu of Mayweather or Pacman... Surely in the discussion.

    True Hypothetical story!
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  9. Hawaiianpunch

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    Calm down lol... while it's true that at 5"11 Corrales was freakishly tall for a 130 pound fighter his reach was below average for a man his height. For example when he fought Castillo who was only 5"7 the tale of the tape showed he had 69 in reach vs a 70 in reach for Corrales. Just to give you an example Sonny Liston at only 6"1 had an 84 inch reach!!! Fighting tall wouldn't have worked for Trex fighters like Corrales. He was a true baddass inside fighter/warrior.
  10. Yours truly does not let fancy schmancy facts get in the way of a "true story".

    True Story;)

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