Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Vasyl Lomachenko

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  1. Hawaiianpunch

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    Rigandoux just like Lara has a sort of cult following among afro American boxing fans. YouTubers were always crying about Rigo never getting a fair shake because he's a skilled slick black boxer. So what good is being a slick boxer if you got no heart.
  2. Kid Chocolate he ain't! Hell, Rigo ain't even Kid Creole...cause the kid ain't got no COCONUTS!
  3. TyrantT316

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    I'm one of those afro-american cult following fans of Rigo (though no hate for Loma), yet very disappointed in that performance. Or I should say lack of performance.

    I didn't see where his hand got hurt from anything significant. For a fighter with such a limited pro career (vs his amateur career), this was THE fight that could have defined Rigo. Whether he'd win or not, he didn't have to go out like this. It's almost as if he decided Loma was too difficult and reduced his effort or had a strategy of maybe trying to let Loma tire himself out. Loma is a machine, a super athlete. Rigo was the underdog, the smaller man, etc. Rigo needed the fight more than Loma as Loma has plenty of future opportunities (maybe even up to jr welterweight one day) and is highly marketable. Rigo is 37, not marketable due to a lack of personality. That's fine, but then you have to push the envelop in the ring on the big stage.

    This stage was big and it seemed like it didn't matter.
  4. Michael Matos

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    Begging off with an injury aside. Rigondeaux was a 37 year old semi active fighter moving up two weight classes. What exactly was his strategy going to be?

    In other Saturday action Orlando Salido called it a career after getting stopped by Miguel Roman. Good action fight. Tevin Farmer gave a lesson on how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by taking his foot off the gas in the last 4 rounds in his split decision loss to Kenichi Ogawa. Farmer all but had the fight won, all he had to do was close the show and despite his own corner telling him he was giving away rounds he just kept giving away rounds and then was shocked when the decision went Ogawa's way.
  5. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    Seems like a lot of Cubans quit or hold on for dear life when they are in trouble.

    I wonder if the fact that they're men fighting kids in the amatuers winning their gold medals gives them a false sense of invincibility? its not the same thing for a man to fight a kid with full headgear then fight a man who's a world champion hitting you hard as hell.

    what'cha think?
  6. Ringside

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    I don't know how far back you are going but because my favorite fighter was Emile Griffith I know that Benny Kid Paret was Cuban and was a tenacious fighter in the ring. He Fought Griffthe (an all time great who worked his way up many weights) , I believe four times. He won once against Griffith and later lost to him three times and died the last fight. Paret also knocked out Don Jordan for the championship and lost a number of times as well the best at the time but not for lack of trying. Other great Cubans of my prime which was that era often fought each other as well as non Cuben Griffth were Florintino Fernandez, Louis Manuel Rodriguez.

    Also the name Sugar Ramos also Cuban) comes to mind especially in the unfortunate Davey Moore fight at featherweight where Moore later died from injuries(Not the Davey Moore you

    A number of fighters died back then fighting Cubans....different era..just post Casto decades
  7. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    shit, you're from the era BEFORE castro, grandpa.

    and don't insult me with the "not the Davey moore you know" shit. how dare you?
  8. Michael Matos

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    Sugar Ramos passed away a couple of months ago. Kid Gavilan was another Pre-Castro Cuban great. Mex raises a very good point, many Cuban amateurs are amateurs for life and are fighting as amateurs into their 30's with 10+ years of amateur experience fighting youngsters.
  9. All I've gotta say is Mantequilla Naploles wasn't Parkay Margarine. He was the real thing, Chico!
    Although he did quit after getting his cigar smoked for 7 rounds by the great Charlie Monsoon... So... um... nevermind...

    Hey, I wanted to defend the kid.
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  10. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    chaz monsoon outweighed him by 30 lbs
  11. Ringside

    Ringside El Padrino aka Boxing Fanatics Legend aka The Godf

  12. In the words of my pizan/amigo/schlemiel, Neil Ringside... Not the Chaz Monsoon you know:) LOL​
  13. Ringside

    Ringside El Padrino aka Boxing Fanatics Legend aka The Godf

    not the Eddie Arcaro you know..ooops wrong the words of a genius from the 50s..posting with you is too much WOOOORK!!!!
  14. Speaking of Eddie A...kinda...
    Yours truly was at the track the day Russell Baze passed the Panamanian for most wins by a jokey (and no, I didn't typo or stutter). Whatta farce that was, I will tell you that.
    Willie Shoe was rollin' over in his wee shoebox.

    True story.

    PS...And speaking of bearded non Panamanians not nicknamed "Manos de Piedra"...kinda...
    Sir, why are you staring at my food? Or are you staring at me?
  15. Ringside

    Ringside El Padrino aka Boxing Fanatics Legend aka The Godf

    I've watched that movie at least 1000 times ...when Paula shows her real dads pic to Gere..err...Mayonaise for the first time I still get tears my eyes. Also love the bodacious ta tas part. Sid Worley was a chump.Lynette played him well ..too well. BUT...when I see Zack carry out one of my top ten all time Debra Winger and she puts on his hat..I melt as a real man should.
    Bonus Line....Are you a steer or a Queer? Gunnery Sgt. Foley
  16. Rebel

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    Am I the only one annoyed by how ESPN and Top Rank are shoving Loma down our throats? I mean the guy is good, but he hasn't proven he's an ATG yet. There are fans on boxing forums already stating he'd defeat the 130 pound versions of Mayweather, Pacquiao, and Marquez. Others are saying he's as good as a prime RJJ. Let's see him clean out 130-140 before we go down that road. I'm betting he'll lose at 130-135 provided he faces the best fighters in those weight divisions.
  17. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    that ring was too expensive to swallow. he should have given it to me.
  18. Exactamundo!! To quote my Pizan grease monkey from Milwaukee.
    Allow his damn career to actually unfold before anointing him the chosen one!...If he IS the goods, he'll show us as time goes on!
    After 8 damn bouts, Leon Spinks looked like the next big thing...How'd the rest of his career turn out?!
    Mark Breland had a good run, but considering his amateur success, he shoulda been the next ray Robinson...which he was not.
    In short, Your's truly is also annoyed by all this premature Loma ejaculation (for lack of a better term).
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  19. Hawaiianpunch

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    If history has shown us anything is that talented white fighters are big draws in combat sports. Just look at Connor McGregor, Rhonda Rousey, Tommy Morrison ect... They are rare but the sport needs a guy like Lomachenko. I don't care if espn and top rank are shoving him down our throats hyping him up. It's good for the sport.
  20. My problem with V-Lo's push down the collective gullet is it's too UFCish... Which is fine, I guess, for a microwave sport like MMA, where a palooka like Brock Lesnar can be considered the next big shit outta Dana White's ass after just ONE match.

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