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Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by El Gavilan, Feb 23, 2004.

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    The Sweet. Science. Hit, and don't get hit. That's the name of the game. No matter what style you employ----effective aggression, angles, lateral movement, Nike contest, etc.-----the name of the game is to hit, and not get hit.

    Having said that, many great fighters in the history of boxing have experienced a great deal of difficulty handling fighters who utilized effective movement and/or defensive tactics. Indeed, many were "exposed" by this, and caused many hard core, knowledgeable, and even casual fans to second guess their true abilities. Some of these encounters set the foundation for other fighters to do the same thing ----sometimes better. Sometimes, the performance and humiliation of being exposed either ended a career, or put the great fighter in a position where they were never the same again. Some of the fights actually ended with the great fighter finding a key to victory despite being exposed, but really opened the door to public criticism.

    Here's a list. Add yours.

    James J. Corbett vs. John L. Sullivan
    Gene Tunney vs. Jack Dempsey I
    Billy Conn vs. Joe Louis I
    Sonny Liston vs. Eddie Machen
    Sonny Liston vs. Clay/Ali I
    John Conteh vs. Matthew Saad Muhammad I
    Vonzell Johnson vs. Matthew Saad Muhammad
    Vilomar Fernandez vs. Roberto Duran
    Ray Lampkin vs. Roberto Duran
    Adolfo Viruet vs. Roberto Duran
    Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran II
    Vilomar Fernandez vs. Alexis Arguello
    Wilfred Benitez vs. Antonio Cervantes
    Oscar De La Hoya vs. Felix Trinidad
    Bernard Hopkins vs. Felix Trinidad
    Meldrick Taylor vs. JC Chavez
    Frankie Randall vs. JC Chavez I
    Pernell Whitaker vs. JC Chavez (robbery)
    Ali vs. George Foreman (Rope-A-Dope)
    Jimmy Young vs. George Foreman
    Roy Jones vs. James Toney*
    Michael Spinks vs. Dwight Braxton/Qawi
    Buster Douglas KO10 Mike Tyson
    Tony Tucker vs. Mike Tyson**
    Pernell Whitaker vs. Oscar De La Hoya
    Shane Mosley vs. Oscar De La Hoya I
    Salvador Sanchez vs. Danny Lopez
    Salvador Sanchez vs. Wilfredo Gomez**

    *Toney was depleted by a rapid weight loss, but considering that he's a counter puncher by nature, Jones proved that if you make Toney come to you, he's not as effective as he is as a counter puncher.

    **Both Sanchez and Tucker landed big punches in the first round of their encounters, but it was lateral movement and defense of Tucker that left some wondering a bit about Tyson, and Sanchez was just flat out brilliant at movement and countering against Gomez. I though Gomez was going to beat Sanchez before that fight, and I was wrong as wrong could be.
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    off the top of my head

    Park vs Canto 1

    Canto was a pure boxer of considerable skill and long time flyweight champ who was beaten at his own game i suppose you could say.

    Kalambay vs McCallum 1

    Mike was just coming of his KO of Curry and moved up in weight to try and secure a fight with Hearns.He was favourite to beat the relatively unkown african who was making his first defense.
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    Kalambay vs. McCallum I might be one of the very best examples of the lot. McCallum said he really didn't like fighting that guy both times.

    I'm sure we could slide some Herol Graham fights in here somewhere as well.
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    Kalambay was certainly a smooth boxer.Probably my favourite middle of the past 20 years.A real spoiler as well, he beat a lot of people who were supposed to to roll over him.

    I'm a big fan of Graham.Most people(mainly outside Britain)never got to see how good the guy was in his prime.Following his career was very frustrating though and he was past his best when he finally got a real crack at it.I think seeing Leonard sneak in front of him to get the Hagler fight when he'd waited so long knocked the stuffing out of him.He was never the same fighter after that.

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