floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Jose Luis Castillo First Fight

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by joey83, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Michael Matos

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    Why so you can argue with them? You're a nut hugger we get it, commonly known as Flomo. So back when Bush was president I judged the fight 7-5 Castillo. That doesn't mean I was right, doesn't mean people who saw it different were wrong. I thought Castillo won the fight but what you won't hear me say is that Floyd lost because he didn't. Might take you a little while to figure that out. When I sit here and judge a fight only one outcome matters to me and that is my scorecard comes up with the same score as one of the judges. Not who wins the fight or if the fighter I scored for won the fight, I really couldn't care less.

    Case in point just last night, wife and I watching Friday Night Fights the Serrano vs Bryan fight we got twitter going and after the fight people ask how you got it scored, I said I got it scored a draw. No way No way Serrano won the fight. Decision gets announced it's a majority decision for Serrano. One of the judges scored it a draw 94-94. Anyway they came back to me, You were wrong,I told you the fight wasn't a draw, told you Serrano won etc. Da Fuck. How can a man be wrong when he was right.

    I would have to go back and go through my decades worth of fight judging notebooks and count fights up but I'm pretty confident that 90%+ I've had a score the same as one of the judges. Mayweather-Castillo I wasn't one of those fights. Mayweather-Maidana I was I scored that a draw.
  2. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    what do you mean none, white man?
  3. joey83

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    Besides you i meant.
  4. O-Dogg33

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    Vic Draculic reffed this fight?! No wonder there were two point deductions. Vic always looks so overwhelmed in every match he refs. Too bad he didn't disqualify them both and put a loss on PBF record we could have avoided this unwatchable second half of his career. But to his credit probably the only ref ever to actually deduct a point from Floyd for his illegal elbows.
  5. sanchito

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    It's hard to debate a nuthugger...I thought Floyd's career up the Castillo fight was that of an instant HOFer and most likely the greatest fighter ever...after his close call with Castillo he took exactly one more risk, his fight with Judah...I thought he was taking it easy after Castillo (rightfully so) and Judah was his fight to get back on track to clearing out divisions and fighting all comers...boy was I wrong...he was an all time great up until 2006...his career has been doing everything to avoid losing since...and I can't get with that...the first Castillo fight ruined his career...he started managing his career out of a position of fear...and there has never been an all time great that does that....future HOFer?....sure...on par with Leonard, Duran, and Ali?...not even close...he's on the same level Chavez and De la Hoya are...all time greats but not at that GOAT level....
  6. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    I disagree with chavez not being GOAT material. he's arguably the second greatest Hispanic in history and might be the best if you count some of those losses duran had (of course, vs other hall of famers)
  7. sanchito

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    I might be being a bit harsh...for me he falls somewhere between GOAT and all time great....
  8. mex fighter

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    when we get old, what fight of mayweather's will people talk about? he better hope he does awesome against pac because no one will talk about the others the way we talk about duran vs leonard, leonard vs hearns, hearns vs hagler, etc.
  9. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    fuck mayweather.

    question.....if the duran beat leonard in 1980 fought the hearns that lost to leonard, who wins?
  10. joey83

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    Mayweather vs Corrales, vs De la Hoya, that was an epic fight, it's hard to remember fights when they are so one sided so Mayweather gets hate for being so dominant, he can't help it, what is everyone going to say about him if he beats Pac easily? Pac was too old and had too many wars he was done even though many think he will beat Floyd now, he just can't win so you can't hold that against him.
  11. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    yes, that's what we're going to say....exactly.

    marquez put pac to sleep...Floyd should do the same.
  12. Playboy

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    Yes,because it's true.
    No hate. Facts.
    The De La Hoya fight was epic in scale and what it meant to the boxing community but was that epic DLH? No.

    Corrales has heart but he's not elite.
    He's exciting to watch but not a great.
  13. Playboy

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    Why didn't he (Mayweather) fight Pacquiao six years ago?
    What was stopping him?
    He took one look at Pac (Mayweather and his handlers/coddlers) and said we want no part of him.
    He's knocking out everything in sight.
    He keeps moving up and viciously hurting naturally bigger opponents.
    I know,let's all say the ONLY reason it's happening is because he's using performance enhancing drugs because otherwise it's humanly impossible so I (Floyd Mayweather) will force you to take tests that the boxing commission doesn't ask for.
    I'm going to make one up and I want you (Pacquiao) to do what I say.

    That's what happened. He didn't say sign on the dotted line let's put this who's the best business to bed.

    Then when pack said. You know what for the sake of boxing I will subject myself to those tests.

    Mayweather said,huh,what? You will do the tests?
    Um . . . but you know you have to leave your promoter.

    Did I forget to say that initially? Yeah,he has too leave his promoter too in addition to the other arbitrary demands I requested. Add that one to the list while you're at it.


    He's still with Arum so what was the stalling about.

    If there are reasonable answers to this please enlighten me. I thought this was how it played out from my knowledge.

    I like Mayweather. I know he's great in his own right but to not fight your contemporaries at their best is a luxury others weren't given.
    This boy went through his career with a silver spoon.
    He hopscotched prime opponents and soley made business decisions.
    Am I mad,no. Get it how you live but when someone else tells me he's the best ever . . . This is why I beg to differ.
  14. Michael Matos

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    Chavez is one of the all time greats. I'm not talking about top 100, his name goes on a very short list. One of the last fighters that Boxing was second nature to him.
  15. TIP

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    IMO the Duran that beat Leonard would have won against Tommy at 147. Hearns best weight was 154 he was still maturing at 147. Not many welters could have beaten Duran that night. Robinson probably but he'd have had his hands full. TIP
  16. TIP

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    Absolutely, Julio is an all time great. I would have liked to seen him at 135 versus Whitaker, different outcome I think. TIP
  17. ericjw

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    I think Floyd had too big of an early lead and even when Castillo came on stronger, Floyd was still doing a terrific defensive job and landing his own share of punches. I had Floyd winning, I can't find my RBR, but looking back I do wish Castillo had gotten the nod.

    I think Mayweather got too obsessed with his "0" and would have been a little less selective with his opposition if he wasn't so concerned about his "0". He yapped all the time about it. Ultimately I think he'd have a better resume and even higher all-time ranking if he'd lost this decision.

    Round 11 is a terrific round BTW.

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