Floyd agreed to 8oz gloves.

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Attraction, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Ludovico

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    Yeah he's fast and sharp as hell, he's a great counterpuncher and that's why he's able to hurt guys. But he doesn't really have very good power. Manny on the other hand fucks people up with single punches from either hand wheter his feet is set or not, going forwards or backwards. If Manny catches Floyd with a punch he doesn't see he'll be hurt. Manny on the other hand will probably have to recieve a lot of punishment to get KO'ed.
  2. Attraction

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    With single punches, Judah is faster for sure. The fastest punch I've ever seen thrown was the uppercut he caught cosme Rivera with in the first round I think. Ouch
  3. TyrantT316

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    Talent/Gifting wise, Judah was one of the best...speed and power...

    but didn't have the mentality, focus, chin and discipline to match
  4. Attraction

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    I think mayweather can hurt Pacman with single shots. Marquez had him dancing with a left hook. Mayweather in 8 ounce gloves hitting him with fast accurate shots he doesn't see coming = bad for Pacman.
  5. Ludovico

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    Or skills. Yep.
  6. El tanke

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    Marquez and Oscar Larios had him hurt and almost down.
    And Cotto hurt him a couple of times too,dont say he didnt,because even manny said so.
    Morales hurt him.
    His chin is not bad,but is not granite either.
  7. i'll have to rewatch those fights, but i was thinkin he has never been on queer street ala trevor berbeck :haha:

    I can never remember saying, pac is going to lose this fight by ko/stoppage..that was my only pt

    he has not been down officially or even had a 8 count since early, as well

    I still think he has a pretty good chin, if not, he would have already been stopped/tko

    I do believe when he raises his hands to his opponent he MAY be hurt

    ftr - i have not seen the larios, or cotto fights...though i hear cotto's jab was nailing him and he took a few shots flush, with no apparent ill effects
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  8. TyrantT316

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    Why does a fighter being "hurt" always equate to not having a good chin. I don't care who you are, if you're hit hard, it will hurt. So Pacman wobbling for 2 seconds in the second Marquez fight or Floyd being stunned for 3 seconds in the Corley fight doesn't equal a questionable chin.

    Zab dancing, Roy being KOed Lord knows how many times now, Cliff Etienne being knocked down 7 times by Oquendo is a bad chin.

    Not a couple of jolty legs for 2 seconds.
  9. I dont think anyone would say smokin joe had a 'bad' chin...foreman just hit so damn hard!!
  10. Black Gatti

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    How did he duck Mosley when he's fighting Pac immediately after fighting JMM?
  11. Michael Matos

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    Sounds like a pretty close fight. Looks like Pacquiao is 4-0 after 4 and 5-5 after 10. You better hope there aren't any close rounds in there or you'll be puzzled over the decision.
  12. BKING

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    Mayweather calls Mosley over during the interview with Max Kellerman, Mosley challenges him, and Mayweather crys disrespectful interruption.

    There was no talk of a fight with Pac until AFTER Pac beat Cotto and Mosley/Berto was set in stone (both two months later).

    Just calling it like it is. Don't get me wrong; the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight is the fight I want to see.

    Floyd and Pac verbally agreed to fight one another. Pac signed his contract this past weekend. We're still waiting on Floyd's signed contract. Schaefer withdrew from today's trip to the new Dallas Cowboys stadium with Arum and HBO President Ross Greenburg. Schaefer claims, "I'm not going to Texas. The fight is not happening in Texas." He's still trying finalizing the deal with Floyd, according to today's article from Dan Rafael.
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  13. Rabid Kimba

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    In your dreams.
  14. Rabid Kimba

    Rabid Kimba Member

    Most ridiculous statement on this thread so far.
  15. Muzse

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    Both guys can hurt the other...Floyd can potshot and hurt Manny but I see Floyd walking into shots as well.

    Manny has to make Floyd come to him a bit. I think Manny's best opportunities will come when Floyd jumps in that lefthook.

    Manny should have the quickness and reflexes to not only properly defend but shoot a razor flash straight left down the middle...Floyd's jumping in doubles the impact of the shot.

    That's Manny's best chance at a knockout or knockdown.

    I doubt Floyd fights aggressively and Manny will be wise enough to not walk straight in.
  16. Xplosive

    Xplosive Member

    Floyd will survive some scary moments, and slowly take Manny apart.
  17. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    Funny I was telling someone the other day that Floyd should just stick with as many straight punches as possible. Jabs and straight rights, no hooks.
  18. hazza

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    or maybe he'll use illegal drugs like novocaine again whilst accusing pac of taking steroids lol. all the excuses in the world wont matter when floyd is looking up at the lights whilst flat on the canvas
  19. Attraction

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    It will all be revealed in the fight.
  20. Punk

    Punk Site Owner

    This is key. If it's Manny chasing and Floyd running/potshotting, it'll be a long night for Pacman. :beer:

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