ESPN just reported Jones and Hopkins are fighting early next year?

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Valdosta, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Xplosive

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    Roy wanted to fight Pavlik too. Too bad he didnt get the chance... he prob woulda schooled Kelly as well. I think both Hopkins, and RJ having bein in the game so long, both saw hom limited Pavlik is.

    And yes, its hard to believe that suck ass Taylor beat Bernard twice.
  2. Valentino

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    Pavlik is a very good Middleweight because of his size, power and strenght. Those are his assets. They won't transfer well at higher weight classes. I think RJJ would have probably defeated Pavlik at 168 lbs too.
  3. Michael Matos

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    Irrelevant. Unless of course you are willing to credit those of a lower caliber who never did.
  4. Michael Matos

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    Maybe, out of curiosity what are your top 5 body shot kayo's of all time and where does Jones-Hill find a slot in the top 5.?
  5. Joe King

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    1.Roy Jones/Virgil Hill
    2:Roy Jones/Glen Wolfe

    Who cares?
  6. Michael Matos

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    Who knows?
  7. REED

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    How is it "Irrelevant"...

    Bodypunching is a LOST, DYING Art...Most Guys Headhunt INCESSANTLY...Of those that DO Work the Body, their Purpose is to WEAKEN their Foe...So Needless to Say, STOPPING a HIGH CALIBER, World Class Fighter w/a SINGLE Body Shot is ULTRA Impressive...

    How Could U Argue Otherwise???...

  8. as jojo said, "too little too late"....this should have happened like 10 yrs ago (regardless of who's fault it is)

    I think ole roy gets hurt bad, hops might finish him

    both should retire

    looking forward to it, nonetheless....:haha:
  9. Michael Matos

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    If the "importance" of the punch is magnified because of the caliber of the opponent then a tip of the cap must be given to those fighters of a lesser caliber than Virgil Hill who were able to withstand the hellacious body punches of Roy Jones Jr. I wouldn't say it was Ultra impressive, all one punch body shot knockouts are impressive due to their finality and crippling effects. Body is like the chin and temple, thump in the right place at the right time it's down she goes and most likely all over. It's no more or no less impressive than Hopkins over Oscar, Gatti over Dorin, Hatton over Castillo. Thump in the right place at the right time it's down she goes, most likely all over. Keep that same theory on Jones' chin. Tarver wasn't the first guy to touch it, he touched it pretty good the first time they fought, the much maligned John Ruiz touched it in the first round of their fight and other fighters have touched it and nothing happened but Tarver touched it in their second fight in the right place and it was down he goes and it was over.

    Ultra Impressive? Nah. An excellent addition to the highlight reel. Yes indeed.
  10. Michael Matos

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    Out of curiosity does anyone have any ideas as to what would be next for the winner.
  11. retirement or we dig up someone
  12. Michael Matos

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    Draw gets a rematch?
  13. Valentino

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    Hopkins will probably fight Dawson or Williams (if Williams beat Pavlik).
    Why not? He was considering Dawson already.

    If RJJ wins...he will probably feast on a few no-hopers with a name...maybe ODLH at 168 or Pavlik at 168 or even a fat Vargas at 168. All good $$$$$ fights for him with very low risk.

    Personally...I think RJJ should get another big $$$$ after this fight (why not?) and then retire.

    And I think Hopkins should get a couple GREAT fights and add to his legacy.
  14. Wiser EFC

    Wiser EFC Mex Radio

    Says the guy who thre personal insults at me over a music argument and then put ME on ignore. laughatyou

    I don't have time to pull the thread right ow but Kimba and I were arguing about the RJJ/Calzaghe fight and you jumped in saying Joe only won because Roy got tired and that the commentators who "suck Calzaghe's dick even more than you do" (sounds like injecting personal insults into a boxing match to me) had the fight even after six. You may or may ot have been referring to the UK commentators but that's what you said. Attacking me for scoring the fight 11-1 when ALL THREE official judges scored the fight EXACTLT THE SAME as I did.

    I didn't say the criticism for not fight Pavlik was unjust. I think Joe would have set a new punchstat record for punches landed in that fight and won 10 rounds easily and THEN people would have still been calling for Calzaghe-Jones. Joe had already moved up to 175. So it was matter of going back to 168 and then coming back up for RJJ or taking a fight with a HUGE name at the weight class he was already fighting in.

    Yes Taylor beat Hopkins twice several years ago but that's not how matchmaking works. Had Calzaghe fought Taylor coming off two losses as you suggested he would have been ridiculed to no end. Hopkins had just scored a big win over Tarver and was the best option for a US debut and 175 debut.

    I'm not afraid of anybody here but if you continually spout bullshit I'm going to call you on it. You continually spout bullshit and I'm calling you on it.
  15. Mark G

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    Wow, this thread has a lot of reasons explaining why Jones didn't fight this guy or that guy. Damn, my head is spinning after reading them all, thems a lot of excuses.

    At any rate, I'd like to see Jones-Hopkins, even as old men. I think with some of the shit talking that has gone on, as well as comparisons and egos, it will be better than the first fight.

    Hell, even this is better than the first fight:
  16. witton_lane

    witton_lane Boxing Fanatics All-Time Great

    I suggest you read back through the threads yeah, and see who started the name-calling first. I seem to remember you saying you wouldn't listen to the opinion of a fat, disabled guy when referring to Kimba, does that ring any bells? Same with the music thread, you start slinging insults every time someone dares to disagree with you which is why you went on ignore.

    I don't even remember exactly what I said about the Jones/Slappy fight, it was a while ago now. I watched the fight in LA and as I recall the commentators had it reasonably competitive for the first 6 rounds, then Jones started to gas out as everyone knew he would. If you think age/wear and tear didn't play a part in that fight then it's up to you but I strongly disagree. Incidentally Calzaghe would disagree too seeing as he called Jones 'a shot fighter' at least a year before fighting him.

    You think people were calling for Calzaghe V Jones? Really? That's not how I remember it, most people over here greeted the announcement of the fight with groans of derision - even long time Slappy fans that I know were disgusted by it.
  17. i thought hops was more competitive but still lost, though some say he won?

    seeing ole roy cut up and covering up while slappy joe clowned him was pretty sad

    does joe beat them 10 yrs ago? probably not, but like liles, collins, benn, eubanks, nunn etc etc etc we never know
  18. Michael Matos

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    Here is my problem with that logic and how it's used in connecting Jones or any fighter to greatness. Only in rare cases does that arguement hold water. My logic on it works this way, if I analyze the great fighters that we are comparing Jones to and that is whoever they may be but when they defended their titles their oppoenents pretty well all had one thing in common, once they lost they sunk without a trace. The old when such and such hit you, you stayed hit theory.

    If you take a look at the defenses of the three lightheavyweights that Jones is often compared to, Moore, Foster and Spinks how many of their opposition resurfaced and what were the circumstances if they did. Harold Johnson resurfaced to win the lightheavyweight title 7 years later, after Moore was stripped, nobody Foster defended against resurfaced, a few of Spinks defenses resurfaced, Murray Sutherland bailed and went to another division, Braxton/Qawi likewise. Those fighters resurfaced/ressurected because either they went to a pasture where the grazing was easier or they picked up leftovers when the top dog left and thats not exactly a ringing endorsement.

    The last thing is this here, in reality when you say that Eric Lucas and Gonzalez and whoever else won titles after they fought Roy Jones what you are really saying is the reason they were successful at whatever they did after is because they didn't have to fight Roy Jones. That WBA heavyweight tournament they had when Ali got stripped, when Frazier bailed on them and went his own way they had to go the next contender who was Patterson and they did everything they could to stop him from fighting in it because what if he won? How were they going to sell Patterson as the best heavyweight in the world when he never landed a punch on Ali a year and a half before that. Impossible. No sane Boxing fan would buy it, not today, today we eat that up. I wonder how many fighters who fought for titles were told before the fight if this doesn't work out we can still get a fight for the IBF/WBC/WBA/WBO belt and correspondingly how many fighters pack it in when the going gets rough after a couple of rounds because they know the IBF fella might be a little easier than the guy in front of them.
  19. Joe King

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    So you are discrediting Roy for the amount of belts, even though he was one of the few unified champs?
  20. i'm sorry but lucas, woods and whoolio G were bums

    belts are worthless....they wont even hold your pants up

    terrible....actually what was worse was the way they sold julio running through downtown LA (promos for the jones fight)...NO one would be caught dead in that dump..he was running out of there or away from the police :mex:
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