(Epix) Klitschko vs. Solis Results

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Rebel

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    I don't think much emphasis was put on it because it appeared to barely glance him. Solis walking around the ring like he had suffered no injury afterwards also deflected the attention in another direction.
  2. steve_dave

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    Cool. Still, that's what happened.
  3. The Hitman

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    Definitely my fault for bringing UFC/MMA into a boxing thread. My reason was that all around Denver not a single soul was talking about any of the boxing, especially the heavyweight champion (imo the best heavyweight in boxing) defending his title. They weren't talking about Vitali, Bute, Hopkins, or Tua.... they were talking about jones, rua, faber and schaub. imo a relatively weak ufc card still outshines the heavyweight boxing champion of the world because the product is marketed that much better.

    ok i will stop now.

    in terms of the fight - this is why it is silly imo to say that Vitali "has to lose sometime"... total nonsense. he isn't visibly declining as a fighter, he had a few years off where he wasn't taking punishment so his age isn't as advancing as a normal 39 year old in ring years, and he doesn't take a lot of punishment in the ring, and yes the division is that bad.
  4. Jack1000

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    That's the problem Steve,

    It was indeed a glancing right to the temple. I mean, even Ali's short right hand that felled Liston in the rematch was easier to see. I looked at the replay and I do not see the kind of punch that would cause that kind of fall. I am not disputing that he could have "fallen wrong" and hurt his legs, that shit happens, but I am just very surprised that that punch was THE punch.

    What I saw in Cotto-Mayorga, was a harder shot in the process of both exchanging shots, and than I saw Mayorga kind of look a little surprised, and than when he went down, it was like several seconds after getting hit with an exchange, he was having pain in his hand. Cotto-Mayorga gave me a more definitive view of the injury to Mayorga, than Solis' injury from a "Grazing shot."

    And one also has to question, was he really in shape to fight for the heavyweight championship of the world?

  5. The Hitman

    The Hitman Hitman

    the whole thing was fucking weak. i know i am not in there taking the punches but fucking hell.... really???
  6. Rebel

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    I agree with the announcers that Solis was very likely already hurt going into the bout. Either that or he just has the worst luck ever.
  7. Redneck

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    i was very pissed after the fight and kicked on Solis. Yesterday i saw some boxing-news and they said that Solis needs another surgery on his knee to get well again. So dont discuss about a punch from Klitschko that never happened (he stroke Solis a little bit, thats all..). If you see the replays you can see that Solis was falling because he was moving like an idiot in that fight that caused his knee/leg injury. No Quick-Ko like the media or the Klitschkos wanted to see it. All in all it was just a dumb (very dumb) movement in the ring that knocked Solis out. Solis Manager (not very professional for me..he looked like someone right from the street and his manners said the same..) already asked for a rematch at the end of the year.
    To be fair..this was no boxing-fight were someone lost fair to Vitali. It was an injury in the first round. I hope he gets his rematch.
  8. TyrantT316

    TyrantT316 Member

    Seeing it, I am on the side of worst luck ever. Nothing happened that would make me feel as if Solis tried or had any reason to try "getting out of the fight"

    I think he was just stepping in very hard with his punches "TRYING" to get on the inside better than guys like Peter and Arreola. However, I think he just stepped the wrong way when he hard stepped in and injured/reinjured his leg. Not all injuries are permanent either. Sometimes the initial HIT of the injury can be worse than how it settles. He tried to get up, got up, but at that moment, it seemed the sprain or whatever it was hadn't worn off yet and the ref is paid to act.

    However another part of me would think that in your biggest opportunity, the biggest moment of your career, that a fighter might protest to the ref as he's getting up "GIVE ME 2 MINUTES! I THINK I SPRAINED MY LEG..C-MON! GIVE ME 2 MINUTES! I CAN'T GO OUT LIKE THIS!" But I know, safety first.

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