El Gallito boxer Murdered

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    #VIOLENCETIJUANA #AT THE MOMENT Famous boxer shot to death in Tijuana city This afternoon they shot the famous boxer Jose "Gallito" Quirino, this happened in the Las Torres neighborhood in this city, where he later died when he was transferred to a nearby hospital, he died outside clinic # 36 after being denied admission for not be affiliated with said institution. Screenshot_20201007-011615_Facebook.jpg
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    wasn't he murdered over a month ago?
  3. Hawaiianpunch

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    Did somebody post about it?
  4. Hawaiianpunch

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    I just read about it last night. Didnt know you were keeping track lol. Bite me
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    I read about it but I did not want to scare you. I want you and yours to relax on the beach without looking behind you every minute.
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    Me pelas tambien ruco culero
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