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    Championship referee Eddie Cotton passed away yesterday. Cotton's most notable assignment was the Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson heavyweight title fight. Cotton who retired from officiating in 2014 earned a good reputation by his handling of heavyweights and refereed many heavyweight championship bouts from George Foreman to the Klitchko's.

    Eddie Cotton died from covid19, he was 72.
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    Just read the ESPN obituary as they wrote 'Cotton presided over a multitude of world championship fights, but he gained the most notoriety for being the third man in the ring when Lennox Lewis stopped Mike Tyson in eight rounds at the Pyramid in Memphis on June 8, 2002.'

    'Notoriety'? What are they on about? Most agree that was a very well officiated fight, with a performance so tight they called it a virgin*.

    Also, Cotton was a resident of Paterson. It would appear that the East Coast is being hit hard by Covid-19.

    *with credit to Esk59.
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    Ali Salaam the father and trainer of former WBC Jr. Middleweight champion died from the coronavirus today. Ali Salaam was 59.
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    I noticed that as well, he did nothing wrong in that fight (and there wasn't anything hard about officating it to be honest).
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    Jimmy Glenn passed away yesterday. Glenn was a former fighter who lost a decision to Floyd Patterson. After his fighting days were over he became a trainer and his most known fighter was Terrence Alli. However what Glenn is most famous for is the New York City landmark bar Jimmy's Corner on 44th Street. It has been the go to spot whenever there was a big fight in New York since it's opening in 1971. The final scene of Raging Bull was shot in Jimmy's Corner.
    Jimmy Glenn died from the Corona Virus. He was 89.

    Jimmy Glenn. Gone On.
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    Not related at all - but where else will i put it!

    My uncle who died around 10-12 years ago ago, he often told the story of when he met Sonny Liston in Copenhagen - 5-6 years ago, Liston was mentioned on TV here, and me and my late father remembered my uncle Karls story.

    From what i can piece together, Liston was in Copenhagen in 1963 - my uncle was a big man, heavy set and muscular from work - and tallish too - say 6'1 220lbs - Uncle Karl comes out from where he worked at the time, to a hot dog stand, and a large black man (not terribly common here in the 60s) was eating there - my uncle comes over, sees the guy drinking 2 bottles of milk, while eating 3-4 hotdogs - my uncle couldn't speak 5 words of english, but he knew who Liston was, and managed to convey the message: "you are Sonny Liston" - and as legend has it, Sonny was a very nice man, who shook his hand and had another hot dog with im - My uncle liked a beer, more than you should really - but Sonny declined and said he only had milk when he was training, atleast thats what my uncle Karl said, and i have no reason to doubt him - he was a good man, as long as you were on his good side:)
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    Yeah I remember Eddie. Good ref been around for ever. Didnt expect that. I didnt think he was 72. He looked younger...then again black dont crack.
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    At 89 a strong gust of wind couldve killed him. It cracks me up they want to pin all deaths on covid 19 now days lol. When you said he lost a decision to Floyd Patterson I pictured a living fossil. Whats next Babe Ruths bat boy died from Covid?

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