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    Duran-Moore was originally scheduled to be fought in South Africa as part of a doubleheader with Ray Mancini defending his lightweight title against Kenny Bogner. Bogner broke his collarbone and the Duran-Moore fight was moved to Madison Square Garden. Two questions, 1: Would Duran's victory be as much of a springboard as it was had the fight taken place in South Africa and 2: Did Duran benefit from having the venue changed to New York?
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    Tough to say. With Moore, you pretty much knew what you were going to get whereas with Duran, there was a bigger question mark.

    I never knew the fight was suppose to be in South Africa, but I think it all depends on Duran's training camp.
  3. Michael Matos

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    Even though Moore had fought in South Africa before I don't think the outcome of the fight would be essentially different. However I'm not sure if a Duran victory without the benefit of the stage that is and was Madison Square Garden would have got him into the ring with Marvelous Marvin Hagler.
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    Duran replaced Leonard for a Bob Hope special and play sparred with Hagler. Duran didn't think Hagler was to big for him and decided to try and make the fight. This occured a little before or after Leonard got Marvin, Cosell, and the media into the fiasco where he announced his retirement inside the ropes. As for the Moore fight being in South Africa it shouldn't have made any difference as long as Duran was training right. TIP

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