Dana White on the current state of boxing.

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  1. Joe King

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    I can argue that wrestlers are underpaid as well as I do believe that and have followed wrestling on the business side of things. However, they have more salaried employees than the UFC does and by a pretty wide margin. I don't see any tag team or battle royals on UFC cards. That's why the UFC/WWE comparison is ridiculous, not to mention the outcomes are pre-determined.


    I'm not the only one who has noticed the UFC could pay fighters more. This guy should have used comparisons to boxing as opposed to the NFL but it does have some merit nonetheless.
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  2. TFK

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    Tag Teams? Battle Royals? What the hell does that have to do with anything?

    Joe, you're grasping at straws here.

  3. Trplsec

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    Says the guy who just seconds before typed "make ends meat"... Simple spelling would tell you that it's 'meet'.

    Despite the irony of your post I'll ask the question again... You tell me what an undercard fighter on a UFC PPV event SHOULD be paid. You said it's simple math so give me an answer there whiz kid.
  4. Valdosta

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    Oh no, I spelled a word wrong !!!!!!!!!! Well Einstein I don't worry about spellcheck or grammar to be honest. Everything with my professions has to do with math. Funny enough simple math is enough to figure out how badly the UFC underpays. Who is underpaid in the midcard? Just about fucking all of them when fighters make 10 percent of what the UFC makes. As I have mentioned over and over, what other professional sport underpays like that? There's not 1 union that would put up with that. Luckily the UFC and it's fans are a bunch of retards.
  5. Trplsec

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    And still no answer.. You said it was simple math. So tell me what an undercard fighter on a UFC PPV SHOULD be paid. Just curious. 1% of the overall earnings? 5%, 10%, 20%???? Come on tell me.

    And while you're at, you know, with the simple math, go ahead and give me the breakdown of expenses the UFC faces for PPV's outside the fighter's salaries and bonuses..

    Try actually addressing the question this time. It should be simple because all your 'professions' have to do with math.

    And please tell me your not going to bring unions into this. If you do, please do a little research on the history of unions and the automotive and steel industries in this country. Holy shit, please open that door.
  6. Valdosta

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    I was obviously talking about major sports unions, that should have been easy enough to figure out. There's no need for any breakdowns, when your PPVs have anywhere from 500k to 1.6 million you can pay the people on the rosters more than 10% of what is grossed. When you give the live gate and PPV numbers people can figure out pretty easily how PATHETIC paying 10% is. Oops, I said most people, not most UFC fans, big difference.
  7. Trplsec

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    So if ExxonMobil's total payroll is less than 10% of their annual revenue would that make them pathetic as well.

    If I own a lawn service and annual gross revenue is $300,000 and I pay my only employee Pedro minimum wage to run the weedeater, is that pathetic?

    See how easy that is? Without having any idea what the UFC's expenses and revenue are, you simply throw out 10% as some ridiculous arbitrary barometer of what is fair. Simply moronic.
  8. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    As was said, what other serious sports organization does that? MLB,NBA,NFL or even NHL? None of the above. What's moronic is thinking you should only be paying 10% to the fighters. With no fighters there's no UFC. Hopefully someday the fighters get a clue. It's hilarious that anyone tries to defend that BS.
  9. Joe King

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    How's about MORE PEOPLE ON THE CARD who need to be paid? Is that clear enough for you? If you were the wrestling fan you say you are, you would know that McMahon made the switch from gimmick tag teams like Demolition to pairing up wrestlers because it is cheaper.
  10. TFK

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    So because there are more wrestlers on a card, that excuses Floyd being paid $20 million to main event, and The Undertaker (or whoever the hell was in the main event) being paid maybe half a percent of that in PPV money if he is lucky?

  11. Joe King

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    Why are you avoiding the direct comparison of boxing and the UFC and relying on the WWE for your argument? You know damn well the Undertaker or whoever is in the main event is because the bookers put him there, it's not like he literally fought his way there.

    I'm all for Floyd getting 15 million and having the undercard fighters getting the other 5 million that he got.
  12. TFK

    TFK Clutch

    Because just like boxing and wrestling are two different things, so are boxing and MMA. Why should MMA have to follow boxing's pay scale? Why is Floyd making much more than GSP worse than Floyd making much more than the Undertaker? All 3 of them are bringing in PPV revenue.

    If anything, I think it shows that elite boxers are overpaid, and the overall health of the sport of boxing in this country is a much stronger argument to back that opinion up than anything I've seen from the opposing viewpoint.

  13. Joe King

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    How is boxing and MMA totally different? Two guys get in the ring/cage and fight. Both get paid. Both require insurances and approval from an athletic commission.

    Boxing's popularity is down right now but the promoters still pay the main event fighters millions of dollars and not just for PPV events either.
  14. TFK

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    Joe, my point is clear as day. If you can't see it, you're just being obtuse.

    And I wouldn't paint boxing in such a great light when it comes to paydays. I'm sure 1% of the fighters are making 99% of the money. Also, I'm wondering how much the boxers are being paid on Friday Night Fights. I see the main event for this friday is Gary Gomez vs. Mike Mollo. I wonder if either of them will make $80,000 for that fight. That's what Gomi made on Sunday fighting on a basic cable station that doesn't have near the viewership of ESPN2. Hell, if they're not spending half a million in total payroll, the boxers are getting ripped off.

  15. Rabid Kimba

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    I've been a hardcore boxing fan longer than you have been alive, mijo...lol.

    My dad forced me to watch boxing when I was like four years old...lol.

    I was also a weekend warrior boxer in my younger days...I threw down...not good enough or dedicated enough to take it further than that...but I've boxed nevertheless.

    I also follow its history...I'm no Matos...but I have a solid overall knowledge of its history.

    But it's true what you said about boxing not being too interesting to me today...although I still keep up with news and fights...and never miss HBO, Showtime, and ESPN fights...I watch all of them.

    But to talk about it on a regular basis here...bores me to tears...sorry...

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  16. Rabid Kimba

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  17. It would be interesting to see how ex-athletes of all these sports (wwe vs mma vs boxing) do post career wise..obviously the boxers have more brain issues, perhaps hands

    wrestlers backs are destroyed taking millions of bumps..knees, hips, joints, etc

    MMA? thats the question...getting stretched or choked out b4 tapping
  18. TLC

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    I don't think that's it.

    I think it's to avoid posting gems like "Mosley is going to knock him the fuck out. :popcorn:"

  19. Joe King

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    Like I said before, comparing to the WWE is not a valid comparison for various reasons. Golden Boy just got caught ripping off their fighters of 500K that was paid for an event by HBO. I have no problem seeing the evils in boxing.

    I have asked yet again, why an the UFC has event that grosses the same amount as a boxing PPV but pays their fighters 5-6x less(being generous) and still have not received a sufficient answer.
  20. Trplsec

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    You probably haven't gotten an answer because none of what you said is exactly factual. Show me where a UFC grossed the same as a boxing PPV and every UFC fighter was paid 5-6x less. Not speculation or just the UFC makes less but same gross and 5-6x less pay per fighter.

    I'll be waiting.

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