Cotto vs. Ali

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    I'm going this Saturday. I have not been to a Garden fight in a number of years, last one was with GGG. I have lost track of who would possibly be there. If Mike or TFK or anyone near the Garden plans to go and wants to pass by let me know. I'll only be with my old lady and it is her birthday to boot but she has seen Cotto in most of his Garden fights and is a Spanish speaking fan of Cotto as well as I am so she fits in. I'm excited to see my favorite fighter of the last decade and a half of my life fight for the last time and keep his head straight. It is sad to say goodbye but will be very inspiring to see him give the Puerto Rican fans and the rest as well something to be happy about in their time of need on the Island.
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    I won't be there, but please do save me a bear hug. :mexsmiley:
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    The Tree lighting is tomorrow in Manhattan so I'll see the tree Saturday afternoon before the fight. Sometimes there is mistletoe around as well. If I caught you under the mistletoe it would be more than a bear hug! :thumby:
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    no one gives a damn about this fight....not even cotto's family.
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    OnlyOne and a half of us Ricans left on the board and we still get disrespected.
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    Co Main Event on HBO : Ray Vargas vs. Oscar Negrete for WBC Super Bantamweight Title
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    Today was my day off....I slepted in. Wifey cooked up a heavy breakfast ...eggs, multi grain buttered toast, bacon, coffee and oj. Then I lounged around for a bit later i got my money(prison term for working out). Had my post workout strawberry-bannana smoothie with a scoop of protein. Later in the afternoon I visited the local brothel (honkong)got me a perfect 10 young hooker about 20 something. Great bubble butt. I taxed that ass for about a good 15 to 20 minutes lol. Then I made my way to mariscos cacho a local seafood joint and had a large shrimp cocktail to get my strength back from that hot little thing. Food was awesome as always then I made my way to the casino placed a nice chunk on this African cat who knocked Alistar Overeem into the middle of next week. Won me some pesos and to top it off I watched that overrated Puerto Rican get schooled for 12 rounds by Suddam Hussain. Today was a good day(Ice cube music playing in the background)
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    Sorry guys I'm a little tipsy had a little too much tequila and squirt. Just chilling at home now.
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    Cotto is not the type to excuse himself but it was obvious to me that something was very wrong the second half of the fight as Cotto was just trying to survive. The first half was good. After Cotto was severely stunned first round the next rounds settled into a good fight. Turns out Cotto hurt his left bicep and the doctors took care of it the last few days. Ali is a former Olympic fighter and was impressive and handled the pressure of a solid Cotto crowd very well. Looking back now I'm sure everyone there felt he should have retired with the belt but that's that. So many memories . He fought them all and never ducked a fight.

    Vargas easily beat Negrete who was game. Vargas suffered incredible bleeding around both eyes from head butts...but kept going. Good job by corner to handle this.

    Acosta landed huge shots at Alejo in their fight and eventually Alejo went down from a very viscious left hook.
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