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    I'm looking forward to it. Nothing really seems to add up. Why was Resto shaking hands with his gloves on if he knew there was no padding? And you'd think it would be enough to break your hand. At the same time, if the padding was removed it would be impossible for Resto not to know about it. And did these bozos think they would'nt get caught?
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    its a shame tony perez didnt do his job and check the gloves before the fight even started. billy collins father/trainer noticed there was padding missing instantly the second he grabbed his glove as resto was shaking hands

    the whole thing is beyond tragic
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    What every happened to the New York State Commission inspectors at the time? They are supposed to be on the lookout for tampering shit like this. I can't remember if anybody from the NYSAC got fired, or even reprimanded.

    Yes, it's beyond tragic.


    PS. Here is what is known that happened following that fight: (from: Box Rec)


    I seem to recall that Panama Lewis was allowed to work corners in Pennsylvania only following the suspension, which BoxRec does not mention. This MIGHT have been mentioned on a Tuesday Night Fights telecast by Al Albert and Sean O'grady during a Blue Horizon match, but I am not sure. I do know that Lewis was allowed to work the corner of a fighter, but the stipulation was that he had to be OUTSIDE the ring, leaning over to give instructions or something. Does anyone else recall this, or the fight where this was talked about?
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    I can honestly say that I was aghast when I saw Panama Lewis back involved in Boxing. I can't quite remember who the fighter or fighters he is involved with. He was banned for life and in my opinion this was a case where life should have meant life.
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    He'll be working the Sultan Ibragimov/Holyfield fight...

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