"Contender 3"

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    "Contender 3" fighters named!

    ESPN has announced participants in the third season of "The Contender" boxing reality show, this time focusing on the super middleweight division. The first episode will be September 4th on ESPN, with a live finale on November 6 at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston.

    The lineup includes :

    Sam Soliman (33-9, 13 KOs),
    Sakio Bika (22-3-2, 14 KOs),
    Jaidon Codrington (16-1, 12 KOs),
    Rubin Williams (29-2-1, 16 KOs),
    Wayne Johnson (16-1, 9 KOs),
    Rhoshii Wells (18-2-2, 10 KOs),
    Henry "Sugar Poo" Buchanan (14-1, 11 KOs),
    Paul Smith (20-0, 12 KOs),
    Max Alexander (14-1, 2 KOs),
    David Banks (14-2-1, 2 KOs),
    La Farrell Bunting (16-3-1, 16 KOs),
    Miguel Hernandez (20-5, 10 KOs),
    Donny McCrary (23-5-2, 13 KOs),
    Les Ralston (16-2, 9 KOs),
    Danny Santiago (29-3-1, 19 KOs),
    Brian Vera (14-0, 9 KOs).
  2. R_jay

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    There's some good fighters there. Its an interesting group.

    Soliman, Bika, Williams, Codrington are all pretty decent.

    There's a couple I've never heard of there, perhaps guys like this Brian Vera or Wayne Johnson can stand up given the opportunity.

    Jaidon Codrington's career has sure gone downhill fast.

    You can forget about Rhoshii Wells or McCrary, they'll get crushed in short order. Especially Wells, he's decent but much too small for the weight.
  3. NewGuy

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    David Banks a unknown fighter anda friend of mine. Hope he gets some experience dont expect him to win but maybe he will get some connections with better trainers then what we have here.

    Hes decent for no boxing backround went straight to the pros.
  4. Ringside

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    He gave Manfredo a great fight at Foxwoods. He is pretty seasoned for no amateur background from what I hear. Think it was a gift decision for Manfredo once again?..lol Ringo

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