Charlo twins fights tonight on Fox

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Ringside, Dec 22, 2018.

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    Just watched Jermel lose a UD which almost everyone thought he won. I actually thought it may be a split decision in Jermels favor for some gut reason but was surprised he lost. Was not impressed by him anyway and his opponent fought very smart.
    His brother faired better and won a UD against another very game last minute replacement. He looked decent and got some good punches in last round but could not close it and forced the decision to the cards. Two of the three scores actually were pretty close.
    I posted a while back and say again not too impressed with either of them. For a Fox fight night id rate it is as good as any pay station these days. BTW Boom Boom was interviewed and man he looked so old. Last saw him about 15 years ago in AC and he looked a lot better then. Sad that we all have to
  2. Hawaiianpunch

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    I didnt see the fights I went to see the wifi ralph movie with my seven year old. How would Jermall do against Canelo? Im hearing that the Russian got robbed. These guys are supposed to be the boogeymen who Canelo is ducking according to the haters.
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    The Charlo brothers are lucky they were born in the social media era. Black media totally hyped these brothers up... always claiming Canelo was ducking these guys. The truth is these brothers are not elite level fighters. They are lucky youtube and pbc have given them a platform to make a name without even having to step in the ring with the a decent opponent. We live in an era where boxers do more talking on social media, call out people but in the ring they struggle with cherry picked opponents. Everyone knew what Al Haymon and PBC had been doing with these hypejobs but were too scared to speak out on it.
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    Canelo knocks both of them out. Jermall Charlo was repeatedly eating lefts from the southpaw Korobov. Jermell was repeatedly getting tagged by jabs from Robinson.

    My assessment: the Charlos = the Milli Vanilli of boxing.
  5. Hawaiianpunch

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    the Charlo brothers and Wilder were exposed this year and theyre all PBC fighters. Al Haymon can fool the casual fans but people that follow boxing and know the sport understand these are hype jobs.
  6. mex fighter

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  7. Hawaiianpunch

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    You disagree? Theres two youtubers in particular(Dontae's boxing nation and Boxing Ego) that have really hyped these guys up as the greatest thing since sliced bread. This was supposed to be a showcase weekend for the twins. One lost and the other looked so terrible against a mediocre opponent that many fans are saying Korobov got robbed. Im just really tired of mainly black youtubers claiming everyone at 160 is scared of them when they havent beat anyone and frankly theyre just not elite level. One guy Dontaes boxing nation even answered me back when I dropped a comment on his channel and he was so upset even made an hour long video about peoples reaction to the Charlos losing. It was pretty funny man.


  8. mex fighter

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    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charge your phone, its about to die.

    Dontae deletes my posts. He doesn't like it when he gets called out by a real fight fan, not his asskissing black fans. Fuck him.
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    I feel asleep and when I woke up my phone was dead. That damn turkey puts you to sleep.

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