Carlos "Sugar" De Leon

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    Four time Cruiserweight Champion Carlos "Sugar" De Leon died suddenly yesterday. De Leon was a mainstay in the early years of the Cruiserweight division winning and losing the title with regularity. He won his first title by decisioning Marvin Camel in 1980 and held it for two years before losing to S.T. Gordon, he beat Gordon in a rematch and then lost it to Alonzo Raitliff. De Leon maintained a steady presence in the rankings and when Raitliff lost the title to Bernard Benton he was the mandatory and won a decision to win the title for a third time. De Leon would lose the WBC title to Evander Holyfield in a unification bout but when Holyfield abandoned the division to fight at heavyweight De Leon again found himself in the right place at the right time and won the title for a fourth time. Carlos De Leon was 59.

    Carlos "Sugar" De Leon. Gone On.

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