Canelo vs Triple G II

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  1. Hawaiianpunch

    Hawaiianpunch Banned

    Dont get me wrong Tip as a boxing fan its an interesting fight but I dont want to see it for the simple fact that I dont want to see Charlo get a big pay check. I dont like his attitude his whole get down. He seems like a punk kid.

    Watch the video he was talking mad shit until Jacobs arrived then his whole attitude changed lol.
  2. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

  3. blackrican23

    blackrican23 Resident B-Boy

    what has Mall even done to earn a shot at ginger ahead of Jacobs , Derevyanchenko , saunders or Andrade ?

    mandatory ? lmao WBC will gladly take a much bigger sanctioning fee for any unification Ginger involves himself in over his mando . I get it tho keep getting the biggest guy you can to hope he can ktfo ginger for you finally :loling:

    24 rds with THE MONSTER 3G wtf does Mall bring Ginger hasnt seen :confusey: Ginger has fought every style and color Malls ko over Julian carries more clout?

    hell yea Ginger is more than capable of beating Mall and the rest of them you make Mall into the newest boogey man based on what?
  4. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    You make him into nothing because you're still salty he knocked your boy jrock the fuck out.

    Your opinion on mall has no weight.
  5. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    Besides his victory over the english fella, has canelo had an victory that wasn't controversial with anyone he fought that was his size?


    And don't give me the bullshit angulo, Kirkland, or junior fights. They all somehow threw kindergarten punches the whole night.
  6. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    No he wouldn’t and you said the same thing after the first fight.
  7. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    Oh brother.
  8. blackrican23

    blackrican23 Resident B-Boy

    lol Mall is a favorite fighter of mine A guy you would hardly know if you didnt TALK TO ME DAILY :crying: but as my record shows I have ROOTED FOR mall way more than I have ever for Ginger :confusey: nice try on Julian but I made your point before you .......Rocks legacy is stronger than I give him credit for not a bad thing for him .

    brah before you ever try and tell any poster about no weight you should wash your mouth out with soap , Canelo is about to celebrate 10 years of shitting on all you say, said, and been saying for years . 10 fuckin years is probably the longest streak of my internet career .

    We get you dont like the guy :rotfl:
  9. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    I'm still waiting for that signature win.

    Which one was it?
  10. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    Talk to you daily?


    Who, when, where? Are you from another planet or someshit?
  11. blackrican23

    blackrican23 Resident B-Boy

    damn brah now him and 3G same size ? what about all that crying you do about Canelo being hurt by the other hatton at 140lbs blah blah blah , 3G was already weighing in at 160 then :funny:

    but really what shame is it to get hurt as a young pup in a boxing match?

    none if you root them, right !??? Cokie de la hoya got put on his ass TWICE in his first 19 fights but his posters hangs in your altar :crying:

    the common denominator in thos fights you listed is Ginger fought good enough to win in any of them , close fights , you should have used the PBF 10-2 card , the only time I have ever seen Ginger clearly as yes the LOSER

    I wanted or picked Lara Mosley Josesito Cotto PBF to beat him
  12. blackrican23

    blackrican23 Resident B-Boy

    10 years of being wrong gotta check Guinness WR on streaks :rotfl: damn my bad I forgot our secret romance is still in effect on this side of the universe
  13. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    So about that signature win then.....
  14. blackrican23

    blackrican23 Resident B-Boy

    Triple G II is canelos signature win
  15. blackrican23

    blackrican23 Resident B-Boy

    does trout walk around thumping his chest? should Canelo not be given an extra point for the KD because it was a flash kd?

    should trout not be thinking if I coulda just dropped him instead ........
  16. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    I said signature....ggg won #2.

    Trout win was meh.

    Thats my point.
  17. blackrican23

    blackrican23 Resident B-Boy

    it could be argued that Lara lost to ginger for many of the same reasons ginger lost to 3G the first time :confusey: not saying its the same style fight but 'movement with not alot of activity etc etc common denominators
  18. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    So the lara fight wasn't a signature win, either then.
  19. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    Why would h think any of that? In a pretty competitive only 1 judge thought it was close.
  20. blackrican23

    blackrican23 Resident B-Boy

    that fact it took a full week for you to say 3G won 2 shows me you dont really believe it had to READ you way up to getting you reasons right , you werent talking the shit over the place following day

    that as clear as neil giving ginger ' credit for fighting tough" :rotfl: yea ni99as he won :Popcorn:

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