Buster Douglas interview

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Carlos, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Carlos

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    Well not exactly new, but I didn't see it till today - so there ya go:

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  2. Flashman

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    Great find, Carlos. I really enjoyed listening to his answers to what were, pretty decent questions imo. He talks very slowly though... that thirteen minutes should’ve been no more than ten! (j/k)

    I remember reading about that famous result in Japan two days after the event, I was quite disappointed that Tyson had been felled by such an unknown and I can’t exactly say I’ve ever bothered to find out more about Douglas, until now. To me he was just a guy who fluked a victory, but he did face some top heavyweights and there is no shame in facing Holyfield and losing his championship in his first defence. He said he wanted to fight the best and did so. I have more respect for him than the likes of Bowe.
  3. Hawaiianpunch

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    Yeah you gotta respect that. I think Tyson Fury is the only one that takes on all comers now days.
  4. mex fighter

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    So does joshua
  5. Flashman

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    I was also impressed with the way Douglas didn't make one excuse about his defeats, he fought, he lost and life went on.

    Fury is slightly mad... I think he would fight a M1 Abrams tank if it held a title belt :mexsmiley:
  6. Carlos

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    Or a karaoke machine with a bag of coke taped to the microphone.

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