Buffet brawl! Two arrests!

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by SuperJ, Feb 27, 2019.

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    Nice picture at the beach. At my age I don't have the confidence to wear that.
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    Its a sad day when this is boxing news
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    I don't mean to stereotype but could the name Chequita Jenkins be any more black?

    Does anybody know what's the story behind Afro American parents naming their kids with these eccentric sounding names like Ayesha, Shanequa, Latoya, Laquita, Shatara, Dashiqui, Shanaene, Deshawn, Keisha ect?
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    I have no idea!


    Hessiquioberto Cleofas Gonzalez
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    If we focus on “weird” African American names in jokes and conversation, it’s because blacks remain at the bottom of America’s racial caste system. “Hunter” is just as unusual as “Malik,” but it’s understood as “normal” because of its association with white men. It’s arbitrary, yes, but it reflects who holds power. Indeed, if the situation were reversed, odds are good there would be plenty of jokes about “dysfunctional” white people who name their children “Geoff.”

    Interesting quote
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    I’m sorry Remus. Wrong thread.
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    I meant wrong forum area.
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    Yeah ...I'm sorry too remus can I :bj:
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    My understanding is the two combatants were throwing some pretty fluid punches. TIP
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    Me chinge un torta gigante de carne asada....me siento bien cerdo:mexsmiley::thumby:

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