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Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Mexican Eagle, Mar 9, 2014.

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    Good stuff Hazmat.:coolio:

    1. Compubox has turned already moronic fans/commentators into lazy ignorant moronic fans/commentators. What really pisses me off about it is there is nothing "Compu" about still takes someone to decide whether a punch scores or not, so just call the damn thing a punch-count & give it the minimal attention it deserves.

    2. Lampley's a preening prat who would marry his own hair if he could.

    3. see: #1

    4. Hate holding, yes. But also hate refs who break fighters the second they start to work inside (I'm talking to you, Where's The Camera Cortez)

    5. :bow:

    6. Especially when it boils down to a popularity contest & not much more.

    7. Alas there are too many "promoters" & "managers" who think paying a sanctioning fee to some criminal in Venezuela makes their scrub a "champion" who will get TV fights & it ain't gonna go away.

    8. National anthems suck huge sweaty elephant balls any time. They have absolutely no place in a sport as individualistic as boxing.

    9. Unless it involves Christina Hendricks' chest, Sophia Vergara's ass or anything at all to do with Olivia Munn, I just don't care. Or A Supey sighting...

    10. Referees that think they're part of the show. Said it a thousand times - Mills Lane has a lot to answer for.
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    To add to number four on your list.
    Referees have to let you work on the inside without halting your activity. That's just bailing out the opponent. The boxer used skill to get that close & put himself in an advantageous position for the ref to come interrupting the flow. Cortez was guilty of that. Pleased he's no longer part of the sport.
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    #9 haha :thumby:

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