Boxing Fanatics Prediction League (2011) - Season 2

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  1. Administrator Staff Member

    Contest Rules

    Choose the correct winner by KO = 20 points

    If you pick by *KO/TKO and the fight doesn’t end in the round you predicted, subtract the # of rounds you miss it by.

    For example: If you predict *KO/TKO 5 and it ends in *KO/TKO 10, you lose -5 for 15 pts.

    If you pick *KO/TKO and the fight ends in a decision = 8 pts

    If you pick a decision and the fight ends via *KO/TKO = 8 pts

    If you pick a *SD/MD and the fights ends in a UD = 10 pts

    If you pick a UD and the fight ends in a SD/MD = 10 pts

    If you pick UD and it ends in UD = 12 pts

    If you pick *SD/MD correctly = 20 points.

    If fight is stopped by cuts or via technical decision, it will be counted as a UD.

    DQs will count the same as a *KO/TKO.

    Draw= 40 pts

    *A SD will count the same as a MD and vice versa

    *KO/TKO will count as the same.

    This contest will run from July 15, 2011 thru December 31, 2011
  2. Administrator Staff Member

    This contest will begin next week, Friday, July 15, 2011. The first set of fights will be posted either today or tomorrow.
  3. Administrator Staff Member

    Season 2 - Week 1 Fights (Begins July 15, 2011)

    ESPN2 - Pawel Wolak vs. Delvin Rodriguez
    SHOWTIME - Diego Magdaleno vs. Alejandro Perez
    Telefutura - Abner Cotto vs. Carlos Claudio
    Telefutura - Jayson Velez vs. Carlos Valcarcel
    Ricky Burns vs. Nicky Cook (WBO junior lightweight title)
    Julio Cesar Miranda vs. Brian Viloria (WBO flyweight title)
    Marco Huck vs. Hugo Garay (WBO cruiserweight title)
    Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Likar Ramos
  4. davemurphy

    davemurphy Member

    Good luck everybody!!!

    Wolak TKO 9
    Magdaleno UD
    Cotto TKO 6
    Valez UD
    Burns SD
    Viloria UD
    Huck UD

    Edited in: Marquez TKO 3
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2011
  5. gregg

    gregg Member

    wolak -tko 10
    cotto-tko 7
    cook ud
    viloria ud
    huck ud
  6. joey83

    joey83 Banned

    Wolak Ko 7
    Magdaleno UD
    Cotto UD
    Velez UD
    Burns UD
    Miranda UD
    Huck UD
  7. Administrator Staff Member

    One more fight was added.

    Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Likar Ramos.

    If everyone doesn't catch the update in time, this fight will be thrown out.
  8. joey83

    joey83 Banned

    JMM Ko 8
  9. gregg

    gregg Member

    jmm ko 7
  10. ldlamb

    ldlamb Member

    Pawel Wolak KO7
    Diego Magdaleno UD
    Abner Cotto KO8
    Jayson Velez UD
    Ricky Burns MD
    Brian Viloria UD
    Marco Huck UD
    Juan M Marquez KO5
  11. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    Wolak KO8
    Magdaleno UD
    Cotto KO8
    Velez UD
    Burns Ko11
    Viloria UD
    Huck UD
    JMM KO3
  12. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Wolak UD
    Magdaleno MD
    Cotto UD
    Velez UD
    Burns UD
    Miranda MD
    Huck UD
    Marquez TKO5
  13. wolak ud
    magdaleno ud
    cotto ko6
    velez ko5
    burns ud
    viloria sd
    huck ud
    jmm ko6
  14. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Just an FYI, the contest prize is worth $100, and I'm just competing for fun this time.

    Good luck everyone!
  15. Administrator Staff Member

    Week 2 Fights

    Anthony Dirrell vs. Kevin Engel
    Joseph Elegele vs. Lanard Lane
    Christopher Martin vs. Jose Silveira
    Tyson Fury vs. Dereck Chisora
    Ashley Theophane vs. Jason Cook
    Amir Khan vs. Zab Judah
    Gary Russel Jr. Paul Truscott
    Orlando Salido vs. Kenichi Yamaguchi
    Alejandro Valdez vs. Enrique Bernache
  16. Administrator Staff Member

    Results For Week #1

    O-Dogg33, 7-1, 88%, 80 pts
    Davemurphy, 7-1, 88%, 78 pts
    Ldlamb, 7-1, 88%, 76 pts
    Superheavyweight2, 7-1, 88%, 69 pts
    gregg, 6-2, 75%, 66 pts
    Rebel, 6-2, 75%, 66 pts
    joey83, 6-2, 75%, 65 pts
  17. ldlamb

    ldlamb Member

    I think Gonzalez/Salado already happened
  18. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    You are correct. Updated. Thanks for the heads up.
  19. joey83

    joey83 Banned

    Dirrell Ko 5
    Elegele Ko 4
    Martin Ko 8
    Chisora Ko 3
    Theophane UD
    Khan UD
    Russell jr Ko 4
    Salido UD
    Valdez UD
  20. davemurphy

    davemurphy Member

    Dirrell TKO 5
    Elegele UD
    Martin UD
    Chisora TKO 9
    Theophane UD
    Khan UD
    Box Rec shows Gary Russell's opponent to be Eric Estrada, I assume that's not the Eighties Actor. No matter who it is he's facing, my pick is Russell by UD.
    Salido KO 8
    Alejandro VALDEZ TKO 7

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