Analyzing today's active fighters and the potential/certain HOF wins on their resumes

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Jan 9, 2004.

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    You might need to go back to school so you can learn the difference between a fact and an opinion. [​IMG]
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    Gimme a break Val. Everone knows DLH was robbed against Tito but, everyone lets it slide because of the way he danced/ran around avoiding contact with Tito for the last 3 rounds.

    Against Mosley he lost clean and fair in the first and there is no disputing that but, he beat Mosley in the second and got robbed but, peoples pure bias against DLH(like yours Val) makes people brush it off and just go along with it.

    Tell me how DLH can throw more and land more and still lose while controlling the rounds and Mosley can throw less and land less then he did in the first fight and yet he barely won that one 7-5.

    Just look at the stats from both fights:

    DLH-Mosley 1

    Total Punches

    DelaHoya 257/718 36%

    Mosley 284/678 42%

    DLH-Mosley 2

    Total Punches

    DelaHoya 221/616 36%

    Mosley 127/496 26%

    If you look at mosleys numbers you will see that his output was cut down in half while DLH's jab and power punch output only increasd, especially in the power punch department.

    Mosley looked great and deserved the win after he took over in the 6th in the first fight but, he did not deserve the decision in the second especially if you see that DLH was the champion and Mosley did not do enough to take the title.

    As you can see those stats are Fact.

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    lets see the punch stats from De La Hoya's bouts against Whitaker and Quartey? DeLaHoya sack clingers dont seem to protest those decisions and go to great length to post meaningless stats with the same intensity for some reason
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    Why do people trust punch stats but not judges?
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    laz..that was a fabulous post...and for people who say punchstats are not accurate..this is very true...but they are not that much off...its like a rough estimate
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    We will see if it turns out that Arum was trying to Bribe judges so ODLH win his fights?how much the ?term? robbery is going to be used.
    In particular in such controversial fights as the Quartey and Whitaker fights.
  8. Crocodillo

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    because whitakers punches are like slaps

    and in the quartey fight the last round knockdown played a role

    and those punchstats barely favored the other 2 fighters while against mosely and tito..they were lopsided
  9. Crocodillo

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    "such" ?

    the fans AND THE MEDIA had hoya a winner in both fights

    why dont you leave "SUCH" controversial for fights like Tito vs Hoya where virtually NO ONE had tito winning and Oscar vs Mosely where the public and media were split over who won
  10. Valdosta

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    Fights aren't scored off punchstats, they are scored round by round. That's the only fact that really matters. Punchstats are MEANINGLESS.
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    BTW- If I remember correctly Dorrin landed about 100 mopre punches than balbi in there first fight yet most still thought Balbi won. Punchstats mean not a damn thing.
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    Last I checked, no one said that punch stats were the only thing that mattered. But, if you avoid the fact that DLH threw more and landed more while controlling the pace of the bout and was the one who was able to decide the tempo , the stats say alot about who was in control. DLH controlled the pace of the bout and was able to get his shots in more often and more accuratly while limiting Mosleys output.
  13. Laztrooper

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    Val we all know how much you hate DLH and that he could fight and beat(KO) Hopkins, Tito and Mosley all in the same night and you would still find a way to bring up a negative about DLH. [​IMG]

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    I don't give ODLH credit for flurries that he throws THAT DON'T REALLY LAND. This is something G-man used to bring up also. A lot of those pitty pat combo punches that he gets credit for don't even land. The majority of the ringside press had Mosley winning. Mosley won That's a fact. [​IMG]
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    I remember in the Whitaker fight towards the end of one round in particular, Dela opened up with a furious flurry of about 10 punches. The crowd went totally insane, screaming for Dela, raising the roof. The bell went and Dela raised his hands triumphantly as he walked to the corner, the crowd in raptures, Dela all smiles.

    Only problem is, not one fucking punch landed. Pea slipped every single one. :D
  16. Rebel

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    Whittakers pitty pats don't compare to Mosley's hard shots and Quartey was dropped twice. [​IMG]
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    When you win 7 rounds and drop the other guy once you still win.
  18. Laztrooper

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    Anything to make a negative commenet about DLH. [​IMG]

    Like I said. Oscar could cure Aids and cancer and you would probably say something like "What took him so long" :rolleyes:
  19. Valdosta

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    Now that G is gone it looks like you need a new target (me). The fact is I thought Quartey beat ODLH. Big deal. [​IMG]
  20. Valdosta

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    BTW- ODLH could rape a teenage girl and you would still defend him......oops, nevermind [​IMG]

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