Allan Minter Passes Away.

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    Former world middleweight champion Alan Minter passed away today. Minter won a bronze medal at the 1972 Olympics and upon turning pro began to move up the British and European rankings eventually winning both. That success landed him a world title opportunity against Vito Antuerfermo in Las Vegas where Minter captured the title via controversial decision. He would defeat Anterfuermo much easier in the rematch stopping Anterfuermo in 8 rounds. In his next defense he took on Marvin Hagler and lost the title via third round stoppage. What followed the stoppage was one of the ugliest scenes boxing has had to endure when British fans pelted the ring with bottles, cans and other projectiles.

    Minter said before the fight that he didn't want to lose his title to a black man and his comment was in direct response to Hagler not shaking his hand when they had met in Las Vegas a year earlier. Many branded Minter a racist but in reality it was the fight promoter who was selling the agenda and Minter later stated he should have never allowed himself to be manipulated in such a fashion.

    Alan Minter was 68 and died after a battle with cancer.

    Alan Minter. Gone On.
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    I'm losing it but the name was so familiar it bothered me enough to look it up and now I l know why it rang a bell. He beat my favorite boxer Emile Griffth a few years before he won the title from Vito Antuofermo. Vito lived about 20 minutes from me in Howard Beach Queens for a time and fought in the local legendary Sunnyside Arena as well as many times in the Garden. Minter beat him twice and later lost of course to Hagler. So between Vito and Griffth mainly is the reason I remember Minter as he seems to have fought mostly in England. RIP
    As an extra Vito owns a gardening business in Long Island after having parts in movies including GodFather.
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    I swear he reminds me so much of you. Are you sure your last name is not Russo?

    The guy hes been there done that, dated Marylynn Monroe, friends with Frank Sinatra, kidnapped by Pablo Escobar. Was in the Godfather.... Stories for days.
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    You may be onto something here. He reminds me even more of my father. My father was 6 foot two about 200 pounds and sounds like him. Don't forget except for my family starting with my Grandfather everyone in my fathers neighborhood growing up was ItalianWe left at fout to go to Queens but my Grandfather lived their til he died in hi sleep at 88... Ive mentioned that many times. Gambino Brooklyn. Incredible folks lived there. I like old school Italians a lot in general. This guys thick Brooklyn voice is is sort of like my old mans.
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    alan minter was the first time i ever heard the term "racist" in my life. i still didn't really understand the term but i hated him for it.

    was happy when the marv beat his ass.
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