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  1. "Bangin'" Dick Bravado

    "Bangin'" Dick Bravado Half-breed , Half Steed

    There are countless namedropping sessions AT NAUSEAM out there of Billy Crystal talking about all these warm/fuzzy memories of his close friendship with Muhammad Ali ...but I will pay a BOUNTY to ANYONE that can produce ANYTHING, ANYWHERE of Ali, in return, acknowledging Crystal by name. (No, Fake interactions at Ali roasts don't count)

    Until I see such evidence to the contrary, I will chalk it up as yet another case of dilusional ,unrequited love... Much like Joe Piscopo with Eddie Murphy and me in the 70's with the poster I had hanging over my bed of Olivia Newton-John.
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    I don't know much on the topic of their relationship and I was never a big Crystal fan..I believe he talks about the Yankees that way too... but I know he gave one of the main speeches at his funeral for Ali with his family up front so there must be something to it, although in terms of the kind of relationship you are referring to Ali and Cosell were intertwined with each other. I have kinescopes of Ali talking to Cosell about his new move so to peak the ropeadope.. Very True Story about Cosell anyway.
  3. "Bangin'" Dick Bravado

    "Bangin'" Dick Bravado Half-breed , Half Steed

    Ya, and Crystal is always walking along some place when he bumps into these people. Then the next thing you know they're inviting him to a country club or to take batting practice with them or some damn place or another.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he took it upon himself to crash Ali's funeral... Any excuse to do that "15 round" impersonation of his.

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