$250 USD - Boxing Fanatics Prediction League 2010

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Rebel, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    This contest will be split up into 2, 6 month periods. The winner after each period will receive $100 USD. Should the same person win both periods, they will receive an additional $50.00.

    Erik will be running this contest again. He will post the first set of fights soon.
  2. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    5 Fights this Week

    February 5
    NSU Center Arena, Miami, Florida
    Glen Johnson vs Yusaf Mack (IBF light heavyweight title eliminator)

    February 6
    Arena Monterrey, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
    Edwin Valero vs Antonio DeMarco (WBC lightweight championship)
    Carlos Abregu vs Richard Gutierrez (welterweights)

    February 6
    Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey
    Tomasz Adamek vs Jason Estrada (heavyweights)

    February 6
    Merida, Yucatán, Mexico
    Likar Ramos vs Jorge Solis (WBA interim junior lightweight championship)
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  3. whiskey

    whiskey ↔Öµ⌠╟⌠

    Glen Johnson KO 8
    Edwin Valero KO 5
    Carlos Abregu UD
    Tomasz Adamek KO 7
    Jorge Solis UD
  4. ldlamb

    ldlamb Member

    Johnson KO7
    Valero KO6
    Abregu UD
    Adamek KO8
    Solis UD
  5. Attraction

    Attraction Member

    Johnson KO6
    Valero KO4
    Abregu KO8
    Adamek KO9
    Solis KO10
  6. Carlos

    Carlos ---

    Johnson KO10
    Valero KO2
    Abregu KO6
    Adamek DEC
    Solis DEC
  7. gregg

    gregg Member

  8. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    Johnson SD
    Valero KO4
    Abregu UD
    Adamek TKO9
    Solis UD
  9. O-Dogg33

    O-Dogg33 El Mero Mero

    Glen Johnson UD
    Edwin Valero KO 7
    Richard Gutierrez SD
    Tomasz Adamek UD
    Jorge Solis UD
  10. Rubio MHS

    Rubio MHS Member

    Yusaf Mack UD
    Edwin Valero KO 7
    Carlos Abregu UD
    Tomasz Adamek TKO 9
    Jorge Solis UD
  11. johnson -- ud
    valero -- ko 3
    abregu -- ko 7
    adamek -- ud
    solis -- ud
  12. mikE

    mikE Member

    Glen Johnson wud
    Edwin Valero ko8
    Carlos Abregu wud
    Tomasz Adamek wud
    Jorge Solis ko5
  13. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    Johnson UD
    Valero TKO 3
    Abregu UD
    Adamek UD
    Solis UD
  14. Erik

    Erik Member

    Glen Johnson UD
    Demarco KO 5
    Carlos Abregu Ko8
    Tomasz Adamek UD
    Jorge Solis Ko8
  15. Rebel

    Rebel Admin

    You hadn't posted the fights so I did. It would be great if you could still run it. However, if you can't, I'll run it under a more basic format.

    An accurate prediction = 1 Win

    Incorrect prediction = 1 Loss

    Exact Prediction (TKO or Dec options only) = 1 KO

    Example: 20-5 (18 KOs)

    In this example, this individual has participated in 25 fights, predicted 20 correctly, 5 incorrectly, and accurately predicted the TKO/Dec 18 times.

    Under this system a TKO and a KO are the same. Same goes for any type of decision.
  16. rosco

    rosco Member

    Yusaf UD
    Demarco tko 6
    Abrego UD
    Adamek ko 5
    Solis Ud
  17. Erik

    Erik Member

    Season 2 Week 2
    Not a whole lot on the schedule. Not alot of well known fighters.

    4 fights

    12 super flyweight Nonito Donaire 22(14)-1 vs Gerson Guerrero 34(26)-8
    ~ interim WBA World super flyweight title ~

    12 bantamweight Fernando Montiel 39(29)-2-2 vs Ciso Morales 14(8)-0
    ~ WBO bantamweight title ~

    12 bantamweight Gerry Penalosa 54(36)-7-2 vs Eric Morel 41(21)-2
    ~ interim WBO bantamweight title ~

    10 featherweight Bernabe Concepcion 27(15)-3-1 vs Mario Santiago 21(14)-
  18. Erik

    Erik Member

    I will get week 1 scores updated soon. Sorry for delay.
  19. mikE

    mikE Member

    Nonito Donaire ko8
    Fernando Montiel ko10
    Eric Morel wud
    Mario Santiago wud
  20. BKING

    BKING Pound 4 Pound King

    Nonito Donaire KO9
    Fernando Montiel TKO11
    Erik Morel UD 12
    Mario Santiago UD 12

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